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    Starbucks Temp Agency?

    Lighthouse24 Ranger

      In a meeting this morning, a colleague of mine asked one of the more tech-savvy members in the room how to accomplish a moderately complex web publishing task. This was the response: "I can run through how to do it if you want, but why not just go down to Starbucks. There'll be a half-dozen guys hanging out there who can knock the whole thing out for you in about an hour." Two or three other people chimed in, like it was a no-brainer.

      Sign of the times? Most cities have a vacant lot or street corner where day laborers congregate, and where contractors know to go if they want to pick up unskilled workers for a small project or to fill out a crew. Does anyone else in the SBOC community have a Starbucks or other local venue where white collar freelancers gather, and where business owners or managers know to go to look for short-term skilled help?

      Turns out there's a nice little temp work subculture here that I didn't even know about until today!
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          No, I didn't know about this. The Starbucks around me seem to be more for out of office meetings and interviews.

          I will keep an eye out for it now.
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            intechspecial Ranger
            As a note of interest, Starbucks is a perfect example of complex intranet application.

            The cash register itself is a windows based terminal, and chances are it is connected to a windows based server.

            That server is what is called a "child" node to a "parent" node.

            Everything is connected, from the credit card machine, to the CEO laptop, where he can streamline realtime data of all sales on a day to day or potentially hour to hour basis.


            So all you have to do is sit back and watch the people that work for Starbucks to understand how this might apply to a fully functional eCommerce application.


            Please also allow me this opportunity to offer you both, Iwrite and Lighthouse, a Warm and Happy Thanksgiving.