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    Need input on Madman Signs Website

    MadmanSigns Wayfarer
      I have created my first website through Madman Signs. I kow i need to adjust the lay out and do a spell check due to some misspelled words and the offset of the layout. But give me some input what would you like to see? Or what would make you look at my site, etc.

      google works pretty good

      Any thoughts would be great
      Madman Signs
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          MarketSmarter Newbie
          Madman Signs I think it is great that you have come here for input regarding your website and how you present your brand. Overall I think your site needs to be more professional in look and feel. Take a look at They present their work and brand in a manner that gives you confidence that their product is going to be top quality.

          They aren't using flash or java to tell their story, but they are telling their story in a clean, informative way. The graphics are clean and consistent and the navigation itself looks contemporary. Their gallery is easy to navigate and while the images themselves vary in their degree of polish - they don't have shadows of the person taking the picture, or have a picture of someone else in the picture.

          At the end of the day it is all about image and your website is the first exposure people will have to Madman Signs so take the time and spend a little money to ensure your website portrays Madman Signs as you want it to be portrayed.

          Hope this helps.
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            bigcloudmedia Adventurer
            Good day Madman Signs.

            I took a look at your site and I liked that it had your point right up front. I do have some suggestions though.

            I suggest that you make the background a different color other than white and add some color to the website. Too much white and the eyes start hurting a little. Also the use of a color scheme other than black, white and red, may help to boost the user experience and make the site more friendly to your customers.

            I would also suggest the use of more pictures on your website that help sell your products or promote your image. High resolution pics look the best but should be kept small because of their size. The bigger the pic size, the longer it takes to load.

            The website overall needs some spice and some tang to keep the user interested in viewing more. Be it a flash element or a drop down menu or just a newer look, your website would benifit alot from using more colors and having some flair added. As a company that does graphics, you should have some killer graphics on the website to help sell that image.

            My company Big Cloud Media, specializes in designing and building websites for businesses. If you are interested in our services you can visit us at I would like to give you a no-cost web-consultation so even if you don't go with our services, you will at least have a better idea of what to do with your site and how to do it.

            Thank you for your post and feel free to contact me at


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