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    Bank of America SBOC has reached 25,000 members!

    intechspecial Ranger

      Can you believe since the SBOC was put online a short period of time ago, that they have reached 25,000 members?

      Unbelievable, if you consider how hard it is for any community to build a network of members.


      Congratularions SBOC! I willing to bet that 2009 holds a bigger result to all of your hard work.


      As a note to the community as well, the SBOC website is reaching astronomical figures in search engines, and is increasing at an infinte rate.


      Seems to me they are doing something right!


        • Re: Bank of America SBOC has reached 25,000 members!
          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Yes, the SBOC has hit the 25,000 member mark. No question, BoA and its partners in this are doing a fabulous job of drawing in small business owners and prospective owners.

          It would appear that 24,276 of those members haven't logged on again since the week they signed up. On average, about 75 people a day join this community, but only two of them ever revisit it.

          Why is that, do you suppose?

          I'm sure those of us who've been participating here for awhile can offer a variety of reasons, but I'd also be very interested in the impressions that newer members have formed.