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    Scared but moving forward!

    des104gr8ness Newbie
      First, I have no idea how I found this site.... (fate). Second, I've recently obtained space, phone number, ect for my business yet as I continue to move forward I become more afraid of failure. I've been talking about beginning this npo for no less than 6 years...and now things are slowing coming to fruition. I have obtained my MBA!!! (hero hand shake) and I suppose I'm proud of that accomplishment....which was by no means an easy feat.

      About my npo: in a nutshell; I seek to really reform welfare by getting those that are receipients into an accredited, undergraduate degree awarding, college or university. Our name is Education Connection, INC. Our motto: Education- the key to liberation!

      I suppose some of my fear is rooted in not knowing if EC will be able to obtain funding to get people off welfare......and then opening their minds to a new way of living.....through education! (thus the connection! get it!?)

      I'm still working on the business plan (all aspects).

      I'm open to advice, encourage, and yes.... angels!!!! Seriously though...... getting people educated is the only way to really reform welfare and I need advice, guidance, and capital! SO MUCH TO DO!!!! WHERE DO I START? HOW DO I REMAIN ENCOURAGED?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Scared but moving forward, Welcome

          Would love to help you with your Business Plan

          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE

          Happy Thanksgiving, LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Winston Churchill said:

            Never never never never never ever give up.

            Being scared is natural and I have at times wondered "What have I done?" However, here are a few rules to help you out.

            Never ever let the *&((*&*&)*&'s see you sweat.

            Your idea is probably like all the other bad ideas...the light bulb, xerox machine, computer mouse, automobile (you get the idea).

            If you are willing to put in your hard earned money...someone else will come alongside as well. Keep talking to everyone you know!

            Figure out ways to get your message out that don't cost much. Knock on doors, put up flyers....

            You can do this!
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                des104gr8ness Newbie

                OMG! LMAO!

                Thank you for your encouraging words and advice. And yes, because I like "nice" things.... I am committed to developing and paying for my own "professional quality" brochures, bizcards, flyers. I loathe with a purple passion, organizations with materials that scream....i'm poor, broke, and hungry!!!!! Just because you operate an npo does not mean you have to look like a begger!!!! (off the subject but I was in the moment!)


                I needed ....and will need.... this as I continue to


                move forward!



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                Achieve1 Newbie
                Congratulations! And yes, you should be proud of every accomplishment. A little fear is healthy. It keeps you from falling into foolish schemes and sometimes from making destructive decisions. As long as you keep moving forward, your angels will show up to help. We all need your success, because you will help to create a more evolved society.

                As an educator, I applaud your organization. I am a college placement consultant and owner of Achievement Works. I can share some thoughts with you about the goals you have for the welfare recipients. There is financial aid and there are scholarships for women who want to return to work. There are also grants and funders for your npo to help you do this work. Go to Foundation Center. There may be one in your area. If not your local library is probably on line with them and can point you to funders interested in what you are doing. There are other grant search groups that your librarian can tell you about. Check with your local community foundation., Most cities have them. If you have set up a network with your local colleges, do so. There is a new interest in the non-traditional learner.

                As far as motivating the women is concerned, when you show them the possibilities in real terms, they will rise to meet the opportunity. Lay out for them how your program can work for them, where the scholarships are and how to access financial aid. Even loans are not all bad, because their income will support the repayment once they have graduated. Their lack of current income will make them eligible for low interest. So many colleges now have weekend, and alternative hours for the non-traditional learner and offer financial help for them. Start with the community colleges and cover all of the others in your area.

                Move forward because your community needs you. Those women are waiting for you.

                Best wishes and have a great holiday!
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                    des104gr8ness Newbie

                    Thank you so much for your encouragement and guidance!!!!! This, too, was just what I needed to keep me focused on my goal. I will definately head to the library and the community college here......(which, btw, is larger than the 2 four-yr universities here). The mentality here is that an associates degree will do wonders for you...... which isn't completely true. NO degree works wonders.....but they do get you options!!!!! (and personally, I love options).


                    Thanks again for the guidance! It will not go to waste!