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    more effective salesperson

    stephenb Newbie
      My question is simple; How do you become a very effective salesperson? See I decided to open a company that evolves making sales. But I do not think of myself as a salesperson. I know salespeople who demonstrate the ability to sell anything, what really sets them apart from us. How do you pick-up the phone and pitch a customer on your products without choking? If you have any advise I would appreciate it.
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          Iwrite Pioneer
          There are plenty of books but the key is to practice and not be afraid of hearing "NO."

          As simple as it may seem, practice does make perfect. Practice selling to friends and family, ask them to be honest and make it difficult. Learn to put yourself in other people's shoes - empathy can take you a long way. When a person realizes that you understand a little about them, they open up and it becomes easier to sell your product. Be creative and inventive, don't be afraid to step outside the box. And most importantly, relax and have fun.

          good luck.
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            copier_guy Wayfarer
            I started my company 13 years ago and felt the same way.
            The only advice I can give you is the following

            1. Know your product or service
            2. Believe in what you are selling (and I do mean BELIEVE in it)
            3. You must have a passion for what it is you sell
            4. Yes you should read some books on sales but try to adapt the techniques so they suit your personality and dont come across as that proverbial "used car salesman"
            5. In response to you dont think that you are a salesman....I have this to offer....EVERYONE is a salesman....remember that first job you applied for and any others,,,,during the interview process what were you doing? You were were selling yourself....thats sales in a nutshell...selling yourself
            6. Truly find a way that your product or service will benifit the client (if it doesnt benefit them then move on}
            7. ABC ALWAYS BE CLOSING
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              *More effective salesperson, Welcome Stephen*

              Iwrite gave you the answer. Practice, Practice Practice. You know the product. Sell

              I was an Accountant. About 20 years ago, I brought in a sales person to get more new accounts. One day he suggested I try talking on the phone. The first call or two was hard. After that it got easier. It also changed my life from being an Accountant who sat behind a desk to an out going person who was alway
              selling my accounting services. I still am.

              *Your company is in the production business. Your biggest product is
              telephone on-hold messages and been providing this services to
              businesses of all types since 1990.*

              It is a good service, SELL, Sell Sell, Good luck, LUCKIEST