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    Massachusettes Copier company looking for new customers

    copier_guy Wayfarer
      I am not sure I am posting in the right forum for this. If I not, please forgive me as I just found this site by accident and just signed up...I am hoping other business in eastern Massachusets look at this.

      I own and operate my own copier/computer company and with this slow economy I am trying new ways of getting business.
      We are a service oriented copier,computer and printer company specializing in sales,service and supplies Currently we are looking for CPAs or Accountants as potential clients , We can help to insure that their office equipment will operate with as little down time as possible when it is needed most, by performing preventitive maintanance now before tax season begins. We service Boston, Cape Cod, SE Mass and the South Coast.

      Our web site is

      While the site isnt complete most all of the links work and the rates are there as well

      Any comments, idea, help, or refferals in bringing in new business would be greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Copier company looking for new customers, Welcome Jim

          It sounds like you need a Marketing Plan. You stated that you are presently looking for CPAs and Accountants as potential clients. Your timing is perfect as they get very busy in January.
          Does your company have an Accountant?? Is he (she) active within the local Professional Associations??
          Maybe you can give a presentation at one of their meetings.

          Another suggestion would be Trade Shows. You need a booth, demonstrations and give away's.
          The Trade Show takes research, time and is more long term.

          Then there are specials and the word FREE,

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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