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    Need 30K to 250K for Start Business Startup in STL

    jtbanks Newbie
      Over the year i have developed a business out of home in computer retail, services, and all relams of development including Application and Web Development which, i current have completed serveral projects. I have tried to apply for several loans get this this business started and have been unable to get the start up funds.

      I have gather around 30K of inventory for store setup and computer equipment from different sites such as craigslist, ebay, liquidation out of my own pocket cost.

      I would like some help of obtain the start up funds to get my business off the ground, i do have a business plan with i learned how to develop one thru SCORE.

      I don't have be best credit but i have the believe and hope that it will success and just need a little can you help with advise to the best best place to get the funding.
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          tqcouch Wayfarer
          Jt banks,

          Depending on what your current credit score is I know we will be a hugh help to your start-up.

          We have designed a program for businesses to not only get needed equipment but also recieve a cash adavantage to help start or expand their business.

          My name is Tq our company is based out of Ga.

          We can get you approved within 24hrs of your application submittion before Wednesday (Holiday) and you can email anytime at

          Im here all day