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    START AN e-Commerce Business for Free.. Low-cost, high power

    gregoryde Wayfarer
      There are a lot of web
      designers using FastCommerce as a e-commerce platform they can offer
      their customers. Our service is free for the first fifty products, and
      a mere 30 bucks for 2,000. What web designers are doing is going to
      their customers, telling them about this low cost e-commerce platform
      with a ton of tools to run an online business, and then selling their
      services to get their clients up and running on FastCommerce. Go to the
      home page and view the demo under "Webinar and events." it takes a
      couple of minutes to load. But you will get a glimpse of how awesome
      the free version is.

      you should take a look at You can offer this
      e-commerce platform as a value added service. A free ecommerce service
      for fifty products, or a low-cost ecommerce platform for 2,000 products
      for $30 a month.
      They are about to launch some awesome templates, and it is easy to
      use. A professional web store with all the tools to build an online
      business. And FREE for the first fifty products.
      Make money selling your design talents and internet expertise using FastCommerce.