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    blackmambo23 Newbie
      I have a startup business in search for funding? and I was contacted by Angel Investor to sumit my ideal, however there is a cost of $250.00 dollars is this worth it and are they legit according to better business bereau they have a few complaints posted anyone know anything??
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          tqcouch Wayfarer
          Hello Blackmamdo23

          Don't we all have issues?

          Well our company produced a creative financing program that supports exisiting businesses and start-ups as well by not only helping them get the captial that they are seeking but get them the needed equipment to create traffic and help expand or start grow their business.

          We can help you only we have a total understaing on what your trying to get accomplished with your business addition with .your current position professionally and financially.

          Ill be here all day you can email me anytime for more information.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Question??, Welcome

            Who are you?? Where are you?? What kind of start up business??

            Have you developed a business and marketing Plan??

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE

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              golfheaven Adventurer
              Here is my view of what i have encountered for the last 16 months looking for start up funds.


              THE TRUTH


              Because 600,000 companies a year are founded in the United States alone and many of them seek outside funding, there are many, many web sites that take aim at this lucrative market and purport to introduce entrepreneurs to investors. The sad fact, however, is that while it's very easy for a site to sign up thousands of entrepreneurs (who want the money), it's virtually impossible for them to sign up investors (who have the money.) That's why none of these sites can legitimately point to their track record for getting entrepreneurs funded (despite any claims to the contrary). Instead, they make their money in one of three ways: selling you as a lead to service providers, selling advertising against your page views as you chat with other entrepreneurs, or charging you listing fees and then up-selling and re-selling you when you don't get funded.


              Then there is the scams which is for another day.