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    Rules To Be Able To Start A Daycare

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      For a would-be–entrepreneur in the childcare business, it is important to know the rules to be able to start a daycare.

      Know state laws and regulations. You need to plan as to area requirements, meals and feeding schedules, staffing concerns and necessities and these are governed by rules.

      Write a sound business plan especially if you need financial backing from credit institutions. Examine financing options and decide accordingly.

      Childproof your daycare facility. Make it ready for business. Purchase supplies, toys, equipment, beds and all that children will need for their stay.

      Increase your knowledge in childcare. Know first aid administration, and CPR.

      Know your staffing needs and hire personnel accordingly. It’s better if they are trained and licensed in CPR and the like.

      Advertise your day care facility. Flyers, pamphlets. posters, local radio plugs and newspaper ads can help bring in clients. You should have a slickly printed, quality brochure showing your rates, your services, an outline of the curriculum, and a statement of your benefit goals for the children.

      Design policies, rules and regulations carefully. Delve on details such as procedures for pick-up and drop off, safety and security purposes and the general day to day activities. Be sure to discuss these with parents thoroughly.

      Check with a legally qualified person about the need for a contract and ensure that you have one between you and the parents.

      Know your would-be clients. Most day care centers accept all children between two and six years of age. Some take infants from six weeks. Be sure that your personnel are thoroughly oriented in infant care.

      These are but the basics of the rules to be able to start a daycare. Be sure to check with local licensing agencies for further information.

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