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    Group Home Business in DC,Md,Va.

    onlychild1999 Newbie

      Does anyone know what the requirements are in starting a group home business in dc, md and va? I am a registered nurse and would like to set up one in any of these areas. Also, which of these three areas has the most viability? Your advice is highly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Group Home Business

          What do you mean by "the requirements for starting"??

          Are you talking Business and Marketing?? OR Licenses NEEDED??

          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help locally.

          Do you have a Lawyer?? Tell us more. Who are you??

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              onlychild1999 Newbie
              I am a small business owner. I opened a staffing agency in august . I have several nurses in my database who are ready to work ( I am an RN with years of hospital experience so i know many nurses), but i have no contract from any of the facilities yet. However, I have not done any marketing myself, because of fear of rejection. I have only personally marketed to a large hospital, and the prospect for a contract is good. I have met with the hospital for interview and they indicated that contract signing with my company will be in december. I am also in constant communication with them, and they have been positively responsive. However, i also discovered that there are so many licensed practical nurses, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants, home health aides that have also completed application for employment with my company, but are not usually utilized by hospitals.

              I have thus decided to look into group home, or certified medicaid/medicare home health agency, to set up, so that i can hire these people into it. However, there are specific licensure requirements for each of these states. Since i am more of a hospital nurse, i donot have much idea as to where to start, how long it takes to get apporoved ( Some say it could be up to a yr), and ...... I donot have a lawyer.

              In other words, i need information as to what is needed to open a group home or a medicaid/ medicare home health agency in either dc, md or va. I am also looking for marketing advice, and which of these states will be the best to start out of.
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              uniqueuna Newbie
              First you would need to contact the state department that does the licensing for residential group home to discuss the application procedures. Secondly, you would need to contact the city planning and zoning board to make sure that your property meets the requirement...... Complete the licensing application and in some states there are a pre licensing training required before you can submit you application. By the way, I have owned several group homes throughout my work experience. I'm looking forward to working with you. Your success lies ahead... You can contact me at for more information. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.