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    RE: Patent Pending

    Ronboz Wayfarer
      I have a patent pending with the USPTO that is due to be published Dec. 2008. My question is regarding SCORE. Do they help people with limited publication of a patent? And if so, will they help me get this product to the market place before the patent is fully granted?
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          My_Lan Adventurer
          How are your planning to market the product? Who is the target audience?
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            NoBullFunding Scout

            SCORE is volunteer, so it's probably hit or miss whether you find someone with that level of experience.

            It's doubtful that they will help you get the product to market. They are a resource for small business owners, but they don't go as far as offering specific services like the one you are seeking. They may point you in the right direction, but they won't go out and do it for you.
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              Ronboz Wayfarer
              The product has to be manufactured. It involves safety for window blinds. I'm currently seeking a U.S. a manufacturer because I do not have international patent rights as of yet.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Patent Pending

                If you go to SCORE on line, you can pick the SCORE Counselor or Counselors that you want to help you.
                I would look for a lawyer with a publication background or experience.
                You can ask two or three online Counselors the sane question and they MUST respond to you.
                A suggestion would be to include your phone number.

                Who are you looking to help get this product to market?? SCORE?? A Lawyer??

                Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                    Ronboz Wayfarer
                    Hello LUCKIEST,

                    It's been a long time since I wrote you.
                    I would like to give you an up date on my progress.
                    To start, I have been researching the market world as far as my product is concerned. What I have come up with is the demand for my product has grown considerably. I do have a published patent pending through the USPTO. You can review all information regarding my product on my web site (**
                    I am currently haveing financial difficulties optaining start up costs. I have been to several banks for a business loan, and the result is always the same answer, (Your loan request cannot be processed due to reasons listed below).
                    I am not interested with an angel investor because I do not want to give up 1/2 or better of my business.
                    I am, however expecting a large settlement on an estate which I can at this point use as collateral.
                    I don't know where to turn, can you help with some answers?