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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    intechspecial Ranger
      I know it is early, but I can almost smell that turkey basting in the oven now.

      I offer this wish of a Happy Thanksgiving to EVERYONE in the community.

      This is extended of course to ones that are upset with me for whatever reason.

      This is not meant to be sarcastic, but only a sincere offering that you may have a great turkey day with family and/or friends.


      GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE..........

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Happy Thanksgiving and the same to you and your family Michael.

          Some Thanksgiving facts
          Most people at someone's home (a few eat at restaurants)

          Typically two households are the guests of another household.

          On average 9 (nine) people eat at the household. (I would have thought MORE)

          Finally, meal preparation is becoming less gender specific.

          Enjoy the food and the company, LUCKIEST

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              intechspecial Ranger

              Thank you much Luckiest.


              I have actually been trying to send you some referrals any time someone on the board requests something that you might be able to assist with.


              Also, as a note of interest, I "updating" my business plan so that I can incorporate as a non profit.


              Any suggestions to writing a business plan in a non-profit format?

              I understand all of the basic elements involved in a business plan, I am just interested if a non profit business plan should be written in a different format?
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              jinkymaru1 Newbie
              Happy thanksgiving to everyone too. I want to take this opportunity to thank every member of this community for all the things I have learned. It has been a very rewarding and learning experience for me.

              This year has been a very trying year for everyone, but hey, we are a resilient lot. We are small business owners. We thrive.

              May everyone enjoy thanksgiving and share whatrever we have with family and friends.