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    Any Suggestions? Thank You!

    borrowedtime Adventurer
      First ,thank you for the info. I will check these avenues out. As my nick name states I'm just on borrowed time. I live in Florida, I love it here, but just like everywhere else in the US the economy has hurt everyone.My home is one of the 7,900 in forecloser process. I'm renting a room for now. Money just about gone so I thought while I'm waiting for my business to take off, I could get camera and maybe see some income coming in. I really dont want to live in my car.I'm a HARD worker, always have been, so I'm not lazy. I 'Il work 7 days a week. I used to own a small trucking Co. I managed the whole operation except Driving the trucks. I was treading water for 5 years, but when the price of fuel went out the roof I drowned quick. The drivers were even theiving from me, selling fuel put the money in there pocket. Cashed in every thing I had just trying to keep the biz afloat.It would cost $1,200.00 every other day just for fuel. You can see how I was done. It was nothing that I did wrong. Anyway I got invoved with my home based business 2 years ago, but wasnt able to much time in it because I was trying so hard to make the primary trucking business stay afloat. Now I am devoting all my time into the home based biz. Now that very little money left I'm having to do the biz the horse and buggy way.I know results will be slow this way, but I have no option. Thats ok, because I WILL NOT give up. I have goals, dreams,desire,and determination. I will make this work. Hoping this Black Friday I can find a Digital Camera and put it to work to get some income, and continue the home based biz. The product is fabulous, I've used it, I saved a ton of money.I have contacted the local community paper and they want to talk to me, I'm going to donate 20 complementary vacations to people in need.In return my thoughts are they will do a story about my giving to the community and in return I will get free advertising,and it doesnt cost me to promote my biz. I will see where my local SCORE office is Im willing to try anything. My thoughts also is when my biz takes off I will be able to take as many complimentary cruises and vacations that I want, and with the digital camera take some beautiful pictures that I may be able to sell. I like to call it Marry the 2 professions together. Whats your thoughts? Am I on the right path? Any suggestions?