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    How do you feel about social networks?

    terrilorah Newbie
      Has anyone had any success networking on social networks? I keep reading about how important it is to network on social networks but it just seems like when I join one all I am getting is tons of ads to join another network. I wonder if anyone is actually looking for a home business or if it is just a waste of time. What do you think?

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          intechspecial Ranger
          Terrilorah -

          Welcome to the community!

          I would have to say that the upside of social networks is it gives you a place to post your knowledge and find others that share in your point of view.

          The down side is that some of the social networks can be downright nasty in acceptance of certain people, and it can become difficult if you need to have a place to "fit in".

          The SBOC is a type of social network in its own. Consider it a Business Social Network, but a scaled down version of what you would normally see.

          The younger generation knows this type of interaction as the standard and not the exception. This is not always the best medium for social interaction, but unfortunately they are being raised on this.

          My bottom line in regards to this, to many social networks are not properly monitored. I just read about one in the news that should have been monitored on a higher level.
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            snipperred Scout
            Hi Terri,

            I am incorporating social networking into my business model. I share in your experience!

            I believe I maintain a high level of respectable integrity in how I go about networking. Because of this, I have met some people who share my views and I may be able to refer you to an area that suits your needs and preferences. If I understand your intention for social networking is to find a home-based business, then I can definately point you in the right direction. However, it certainly is harder to find people who actually want a business opportunity. If you keep your eyes open, you will find people exploring social networks indicating they want to consider options to go into business themselves. Then the question is what sets your opportunity apart from the tens of thousands of opportunities being promoted. Most people are quickly over solicited. The ones who do get into opportunities are usually disatisfied. Some convert and begin offering the opportunity via MLM..

            Perhaps what sets me apart is I am not selling anything. My businesses are still under research and development. My goal in social networking is to use the platform for client relationship management and customer service. To get good at that, I've created a social network where I can try out my ideas, develop that kind of quality reputation, but most importantly serve the interests of my members without obligation or upselling. It's coming along pretty good in my opinion.

            I do not represent my private business interests very much on my current active site. I've got over 20 in development where I'll be more comfortable doing that for those people who want it. However, I do intend to be a modern business consultant some day and it behooves me to become an expert at social networking. Depending on what you want to do, you might choose a platform that is tailored to those intentions. For instance, LinkedIn has crossed the threshold into a self-contained social networking application now with its group features. The parameters and controls there are more suitable for professional interests and there is a member reference system you can use to get professional recommendations based on your merits and the merits others assign to those making the reference. I think it represents a more realistic market of B2B interests. However, if you are not legitimate or just looking to sell your opportunity, then you might not find it as welcoming as some others. I mention LinkedIn here because I just noticed they are now heavily promoting the SBOC.


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              ChrisEaton Wayfarer
              Huge success, but the right system has to be in place with how the industry is going. We all know where that is...The Internet!


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