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    What is your business doing to go green?

    val_cards Scout
      Are you using traditional print ad methods to promote your business? Interested to learn how our your business can go green implimenting environmentally friendly and biodegradable Val-Card to get your message into the hands of tens of thousands of consumers located within your business community ready to do business with you?
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          intechspecial Ranger
          My company is based in Information Technology, and I have not ever needed to go green, as I already am Environment Friendly.

          I have cut down on paper brochure mailings, luckily I can afford to do this and stay in business.

          Great topic!
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            snipperred Scout
            There is some value to printed media if used appropriately. I like to use my business card as more of a promotional advertisement. I have an enhanced graphic logo, the business name, theme message, spot message, and then the website. I don't indicate who I am or my personal contact info- just the web address. I'm going to recommend people reuse these by redistributing them. My service represents me well enough and I am certain they will be appreciated for referring people they know to me to. So with the added value and cost savings benefit, we also have an environmentally friendly approach to recycling.

            I also don't mention this much, but I have quite a lot of internet real estate. Most of it I have themed with black or dark backgrounds. The intention behind this is to support my target atmosphere. However, I also hope it has some value in reducing electricity consumption on monitors. Maybe it doesn't. However, the intention is built into every detail I can imagine.


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                intechspecial Ranger

                I like your response about using the dark or black monitor.

                This is definitely beneficial to energy consumption.

                I am interested in if all websites used a black or dark background the amount of energy we would save?

                I am willing to bet the stats would be amazing.

                Also, I cannot honestly say that I am purposely reducing print as a way to "go green". It is more that my way of doing business would be considered above today's standards when it comes to the environment.


                Use of a "paperless" file system is always a good method to doing business as well.


                I keep a seperate, unattached paperless pc for storage of docs and such. Good for security, good for the enviornment.
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                Howard Adventurer

                I credit the customer 10 cents if they bring their own bag.