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    Is Site Build It! A scam

    My_Lan Adventurer
      I've heard once or twice about some people talking about Site Build It! and I am wondering if this is scam or not?
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          My_Lan Adventurer
          I guess I'm going to answer my own question. SiteBuildIt! may not be a scam, but the websites created from it are.......not of the best quality.
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            Not to be critical of them, but their website is very unprofessional. It reeks of a scam, but I'm purely going on topical appearence. Let's delve deeper.... There are multiple accounts of people happily using it, while others say they haven't made anything from it. It sounds like a mixed grey area to me.
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              intechspecial Ranger
              I am not sure that I would agree that a website could so easily be online for any period of time if it was a scam.

              Just make sure you read the fine print before signing.
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                Yozzer Newbie
                Hi there,

                SBI is no scam.

                Ask yourself why Ken Evoy, the founder of Site Build It, is ranked as top internet Guru?

                See here --->
                Is he top because he operates a company which is a scam?


                Is he top because he offers a great value-for-money product to many thousands of people who have found financial freedom by building successful, profitable online busniesses?


                Minky Jardine
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                    propspin_mike Newbie
                    With all due respect, take that info with a grain of salt - it sounds more like a tag line in a sales pitch, than general advice. Almost sounds like a paid endorsement..
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                        gracefulonlin Wayfarer
                        Nope. No paid endorsement here. I was simply stating that, it is a viable product. I, personally nor professionally, do not use it. Not because I don't like it, but because I am a control freak, and I don't like the default layouts they provide for their designs. However, I understand why they all use the same layout and design. Again, it's STRICTLY meant to get the search engines to index your pages higher, and it does.

                        So, what I usually tell people if they are interested in using SiteBuildIt is to have an already developed web site, and then set up a sitebuildit site, to push traffic to your 'regular' site. Again, they are giving you the formula for SEO which actually works. For me, the cost is too high -vs- me developing a similar system using html, php, and mysql in conjuction with wordpress or some other CMS system, and tweak for SEO to rank high. However, this is my profession, and I can knock this out in a day or two - for someone else, it would take weeks if not months.

                        For someone coming online who doesn't want to spend money on adwords, internet marketers/seo programs, and other programs sending traffic to their site, or doesn't have the time to learn how to optimize their site... then sitebuildit is a good route. If this is not you, look for something else. It's not all things to all people.

                        Again, I know many of my clients use it strictly to build traffic to their sites, and their sitebuild it pages generate more traffic then their main web sites, but again, the design aspect of the system is VERY limited, so it's used strictly as another marketing tool for them. If you want to use it as your main web site, yes, that is possible also. Just follow their instructions, keep the content fresh, and you'll rank high. Simple as that.


                        • Grace.
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                            BazzaW Newbie
                            SBI isnt a scam. Back in the day (when there wasnt much competition online), it was great. I used it for a few of my early web projects, but have since outgrown it. Iy isnt very flexible and it looks crap compared to what you can do with wordpress.

                            Yes, yes, theres some built in SEO, but its minimal now comapred to other solutions.

                            If you are looking for a free solution, try wordpress. It is the absolute must learn web site building tool. Its easy, there are thousands of youtube videos, a great forum, a gazillion plug ins and anyone can learn it in a few days.

                            Now, for non techies, building websites on wordpress is EASY! Getting over their fear of technology is the hard part.
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                        gracefulonlin Wayfarer
                        What is the scam? They offer a product, and if you follow their information and advice on building your web site, will rank you well with the search engines. I don't see the scam. There are many companies that offer this type of service. Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Amazon, etc.

                        The thing with Site Build is that his web sites are more catered to rank well with the search engines, which is why most of them have similar layouts as described above. Now, all you have to do is plug in the content. You can sell your widget, or market something, or just provide information. It's not really what you put on the site as much as how the search engines can easily index your site and it's content. Lots of text, minimal images, keywords placed in the menu and headers so that your site is indexed correctly. Search engines LOVE this kind of stuff.

                        Horrible for regular viewers, but if you modifying some things here and there to make the site easy to read for actual people instead of bots, you'll do very well. The price is fair, considering he's giving you the forumla for SEO! How much is that really worth to you? I know many SiteBuild sites that rank very well for their keywords. Some have very heavy traffic and do very well with adsense or other banner ads/affiliate options.

                        If your a newbie internet marketer, this is probably your safest option and investment. If your looking for an extension of your brick/mortar, or are a serious e-commercer then this might NOT be for you, due to the limitations with design (although, you can deviate from his formula - although that defeats the purpose). But for simple affiliates, internet marketers (adsense, banners ads, etc), niche content, this is ideal.

                        Again, where is the scam?

                        • Grace.

                        PS. I do not have a SiteBuildIt site, nor am I a SiteBuildit affiliate. Never used their products, but have study it extensively to know what it's all about. A good product, for it's price. If it works for you, great. If it doesn't, that does not mean it's a scam. Like any product, do your own research, and then see if it's for you. If you have doubts, move on! There are plenty of alternatives!
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                          amspcs Ranger
                          We originally built our site on Sitesell, which we used as a springboard to get our feet off the ground,
                          then eventually ujpgrade to a more professional host and designer, which we will be doing day now incidentally I am excited to report. . I certainly would not call it a scam.SBI is a basic do-it-yourself website building tool that is usable by rank ameteurs which allows them to
                          enter the ranks of website owners affordably when otherwise, most commonly for economic reasons, they could not do so. Yes, you get what you pay for, and most Sitesell sites are not as professional looking
                          as they should be, nor are they probably as SEO friendly as a more professional site. But they absolutely DO, in my opinion, fill the very needed and useful niche I described above, which is providing an affordable and do-able entry-level solution. Key Evoy knows his stuff and is a gold mine of useful information, plus many of their forums and other tools are very useful for those of us less computer literate beings. I have found the SBI support staff to be most helpful and considerate when I called upon them for support.

                          In summary, my opinon is: It is not a scam. It is an excellent entry-level tool. If you can afford a big-time
                          professional designer to get your site off the ground from the get-go, then Site-sell is not for you. But if you are of more limited means and have time to dedicate to doing it yourself, SBI is an excellent starting point.
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                              Yozzer Newbie
                              You are not restricted to using the SBI tools for putting your site(s)

                              You can use any HTML editor, including Frontpage and Dreamweaver. The look of the site is down to the experience of the website developer, just as it is anywhere.

                              What you get for the SBI subscription of 82 cents a day, can not be matched anywhere.

                              I sometimes certain folk are simply 'tight'.

                              Who can't afford 82 cents/day for goodness sake?

                              What's more, if you don't like it - ask for a refund - and yes, you will get one.

                              Finally, this is not a pitch, I really don't care who subscribes and who doesn't - just telling it as it is.
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                              bytesngrins Newbie
                              I don't know about this one but I would suggest Yahoo Stores for entry level businesses. It is very easy, mostly point and click and very affordable eliminating the need for costly website design services.
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                                Justme009 Newbie
                                just read this post and have to comment. As someone who has spent a lot of money on so called developers to produce a business website that overcharge for the service, that cannot move the site up the rankings and charges me for every little thing I did to the site. I really got sick of paying for subquality service.

                                I did a lot of research before signing up with SBI, understand I did not do it for the so called "money" making of the site. I signed up to replace my existing website host and learn how to produce a website myself.

                                If you look at the sites, yup some may look a bit well, not as shiney and fancy as some sites you see on the web but you need to see some of the sites that have been created.The transition to three colum design makes a site that is outstanding.

                                Check out Alexa rankings, this is no BS, many of the sites are ranking the highest on the web.

                                Some of the posts here stated that it sounds like a sales pitch, yup they have an affiliate program but I am not making anything on this, or by posting here. All the forums on the site are from fellow SBIers and all help each other.

                                It is not a get rich quick scheme. Don't think that you can jump on and have your website in an hour, a day or even a week, or even a month. There is so much information it is overwelming but those that follow the instructions do succeed. Again, it is not a quick way to build a site.

                                So for the naysayers in this forum, carry on and best of luck trying to find something else.

                                My-Lan, it is worth your while to check it out a bit farther, research the other sites also. If you decide to join you will not be disappointed but be prepared to work and make something you never thought you could. I only have been there for a couple months but am totally impressed by the quality and potential of this, and I only wanted a new website.

                                Peter from SBI

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                                  Nobodies Newbie

                                  I can't speak for Site Bulid It, but Homestead Site Builder seems pretty good. My friend purchased the software and was clueless to website design. Her site is still a work in progress, but I think she's doing quite well. She has her software loaded on my computer because she does all her stuff here and it's very self explanitory.

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                                      lissie Newbie
                                      Is site build it a scam - no its not - but it is quite an interesting organisation. Others above have pointed out that the look of the websites are little outdated and a more attractive looking site can be developed using WordPress (free ) or other low cost software and cheap hosting.

                                      The Site Build It response team will tell you that Site build it - also known as Site Sell - is a business system and that people have to subscribe to the system and work hard to succeed. To be fair to them they do emphasis that this system is no get rich quick system for the Internet.

                                      Its all very reasonable and the reponses are well thought out - in fact they are precanned responses which are available to members in the forums - you might want to think about the implications of that ...

                                      I wrote a post asking whether SBI was a scam too - I was suspicious that when I searched for "site build it scam" I found nothing but glowing reviews, with affiliate links (affiliate earn $75/sale BTW) Well the Response Team descended in some force on my blog to explain the error of my ways, and yes I had made some factual errors in the original post. But think carefully if you want to get involved in a company who are happy to call people out and threaten legal action, and worse (I deleted the posts about wishing cancer on me -that was really in bad taste).

                                      Site build it is not a scam - its an overpriced, outdated system which is unlikely to make any more for most people, it foster a culture of a nasty combination of cult plus MLM.

                                      If you google "site build it scam" or "site build it scam review" I think you will find my review

                                      Lis Sowerbutts
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                                          amspcs Ranger
                                          Lissie--that was a well thought out and informative post re SBI. Thanks. I've posted my thoughts on this
                                          issue before,but I think it's worth repeating.

                                          My situation: I wanted to get on the website bandwagon for years, but was never able to get over the hump.
                                          Time, money, knowledge, all of the above were obstacles. Then I found SBI. Got my rudimentary site up and running, learned tons Year and a half later I switched to a more traditional hoster and site-builder to get me to the next level.Now I think our site looks good and, more importantly, is very good for us.

                                          So is SBI a scam? Absolutely not. I think a scam is something that takes your money under false pretenses or promises, then delivers little or nothing. This is absolutely NOT true of SBI. They served my purpose as a starting point. If not for them, today I'd still be where I was two years ago, with no website and no means to start one. I am very thankful for SBI and consider the money I spend on them well spent.

                                          I think those prone to think of SBI as a scam might be those who believe in overnight get-rich-quick
                                          solutions and other unrealistic expectations. SBI is neither of the above. Those who expect to subscribe to SBI on Monday, have a great website in #1 position on Google by Wednesday, and be rolling in the dollars from ecommerce sales by Friday, are victims of their own unrealistic expectations. But for those with more realistic expectations, I think SBI is a great starting point. Perhaps not the final long-term solution for a web hoster, but certainly a wonderful get-over-the-hump solution for people like me and I suspect millions of others out there.

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                                        mygenieforyou Adventurer
                                        How fancy are you planning to build your website? There is some basic templates available that you can do your own but do your research!!