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    Criminal and drug screening

    kcsinc Newbie

      Hello everyone!

      Can anyone refer external pre-employment screening agencies?

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          This isn't directly helping, but here is a list of drug screening resources for your area:
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            Staffing.Pro Wayfarer
            Try First Advantage Background Services out of Tampa FL. Their data base for Criminal Background checks cover almost all states and their rates are reasonable. For drug screens; if you have a Quest Lab in your area, they offer instant and comprehensive testing.
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              intechspecial Ranger
              I do not know of any organization that I can refer to you about this.

              Have you tried doing a Google search on background checks and employee drug screening?

              You should probably find out the applicable laws in your State in regards to this as well.
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                jdammann1 Newbie

                Acxiom Information Security Services offers both services. Jim Dammann can assist at 877-752-6609. Acxiom has been in the industry for over 40 years.
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                  redsoxwin1 Newbie

                  Compliant Background Screening Partners, LLC


                  Best data, 24 hour customer service, FCRA compliant, very inovative screening solutions and absolutely the best pricing in the industry. 100% web based.
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                    businessSIR Adventurer
                    While you can google agencies who deal with such things i work in the loss prevention industry with many big box retailers and have to tell you that it isnt what u think.

                    I just got finished dealing with an employee who was stealing merchandise from a company i do business with. When in the interview i do with all employees who steal she said she never had a criminal record. And her employment package showed nothing on the background check. However when the local sheriff, who is a friend of mine, came back from booking her at the local station he found out that she had been convicted of a felony...stolen checks. That at the very least should have turned up on a background check but didnt.

                    I also know people who have worked for the big theme parks in Orlando who had felonies and got hired because nothing showed up. Alot of times backgroung checks do nothing more then look through local newspaper files for criminal checks or they just do a credit check. Many times what you need to do, but its expensive, is hire a local private investigator. While pricey he knows all the laws on what can and cannot be said to a potential employer on a potential empoyee...which can save u a lawsuit. There are many laws in place which protect against things you can and cant know about a new employee. Contact your lawfirm first to see what rules and laws you need to follow in your area.