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    Social Media & the Economy

    soapinmama Newbie
      There have been many major bloggers posting lately about social media and what effect it has on the market.

      Like and (has some good statistics)

      What are you doing to take advantage of what Social Media offers?

      Do you use Twitter?

      Do you use Facebook?

      Do you use MySpace?

      Does your company have a blog? If no, why not?
        • Re: Social Media & the Economy
          The company I work for maintains an active blog, Twitter, and Facebook account. I do believe we are on the forefront of what social media offers, trying to keep our customer base happy by leveling with them on the social field and connecting with what they are involved with. I believe it's the perfect medium to reach a targetted consumer base, and is cost effective since all it takes is a free account on one of these networks, and someone maintaining it.