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    Business Start-up Grants

    mzprez2u Newbie
      I am starting a small business that will also benifit underpriviledged youth and impact education positively. I need help with getting government grants for start up costs. I only need a few thousand dollars but I know that there are a lot of scams out there as well as special tricks and tips that can maxamize the potential for grants. Can anyone give me some help on places to look and ways to get some funding?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Business Start-up Grants, Welcome

          Tell me more. Who are you?? Where are you located??

          Tell me more about your business that will benefit underprivileged youth.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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              myron27 Newbie
              I am restarting a small business. Me and my dad started an auto detailing business a few years back, but couldn't continue because my dad had a full time job that prevented him from putting in the time. The business was begining to grow rapidly but because of my inexperience and me being soo young, I lack the management skills to keep it running smoothly. Let me give you a brief description of my business. It's basically a car wash on wheels, pressure washers, drums with water, sump pump, generator for power, a complete full carwash. etc.. customers call and make appointments and we come to them making it convient for customers at their homes or place of business. I already know what I need and a estimate of my cost to get started again. I only need a few thousand dollars, so my question is, who can I speak with in getting a business start up grant?