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    e-commerce shopping cart integration with gateway

    strapparatus Newbie
      Here is my dilemma, online store with small listing of a medical product which is patent pending. This item is just available online and have not been able to break into the B2B area: (patience?)
      So, I've had about 3 orders online. The glitch is the gateway I chose almost requires a special developer to integrate. No matter what I do, the orders go through the shopping cart and process back to the gateway as "Pending". The situation with the company (won't mention the name) or solution is to send an e-mail invoice.
      This is pathetic! I'm not unlearned when it comes to php and managing a setup and have a few certifications but not as a "gateway-commerce-application-programmer-interface" specialist. A developer certified responded to an inquiry that the fix would take about 2 hours / 64.00 hour but had nothing available till January. He offered an emergency rate @ 150.00 hour.
      Okay, NOT!
      My question is are they for real, e-commerce gateways in requiring "developer certifications"? Shouldn't this be more user-friendly and allow for simplicity rather than a ridiculous loop that even there own technical customer service reps don't know how to provide guidance?
      This company is either clueless or wants the customer to believe that we are clueless, either way there are an abundance of offerings I guess that will integrate without the aggravation and not require a developer.
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          intechspecial Ranger
          Their are actually extremely simple ways to implement a shopping cart for developers. Paypal has an option for this.

          As far as the problems you are seeing, it sounds like you are dealing with a payment gateway that was specifically developed for high-end, and high-traffic sites.

          The paypal way of doing things is great, and you will be connecting directly to the paypal site for the implementation of the shopping cart, with the use of a simple link and java script.

          This is not always the most secure way of doing things for eccomerce sites that are turning high profits.

          With the payment gateway that you are speaking of this allows the bank account to be tied to any program language and any database, by any secure methods needed.

          This allows a much more robust environment and all transactions are through the company and companies website directly to the bank account which will allow for greater monitoring and greater security. This is best for corporate entities, and is not necessarily needed for small business.

          It might be better if for you to look into a paypal account if money is an issue.


          Good luck in your endeavors, and welcome to the community