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    What Are Your No Cost Marketing Ideas - Share Your Stories!

    NoBullFunding Scout
      Many new business owners often misunderstand the concept of Marketing and PR, thinking that the only way to build a business is to pay for advertising in newspapers, radio ads, internet ads, etc. Just as important are the little things FOR FREE that you can do to bring your business to people who didn't know you existed.

      Back in the day, I had an ice cream shop. Here are a few ways I generated business at no cost:

      • I got dressed up like an ice cream cone and stood outside and handed out samples
      • I started a facebook page and invited my teen customers to join my group - I emailed coupons and specials
      • I contacted schools and offered to partner with them to offer rewards in the classroom.

      Have you done something that cost your business nothing, and generated business? Tell us about it! Everyone can benefit from fresh ideas!
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          Im very keen on the facebook idea - it's a wonderful way to spread word about something and find like-minded people. Other social networks are good to hit too. When doing anything for myself, I always use the analogy 'get down in the trenches' - Connect with your userbase and outline your ideas, don't sell them.
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            HigherProfits Wayfarer
            Social networking sites are a great way of boosting sales but here's some hard hitting methods to consider:

            1) Collect emails at the point of sale for free promotions or whatever and then send out coupons weekly...etc.

            2) Develop strategic alliances with non-competing business owners in the same market.

            3) Stay in contact with your previouse clients and customers via mail, email, phone...etc. and get them to come back for more business. This is the easiest way to see a increase in profits for the most part.

            If any of you need help with growing your business without spending more money on advertising feel free to get ahold of me.

            To Higher Profits,
            Dave Ryan, Consultant
            Higher Profits Marketing
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              Iwrite Pioneer
              If you are a brick and mortar location - create events that are designed to bring people to you - tasting clubs, fashion shows, painting workshops, decorating seminars, simple car maintenance forums, car shows, contests... the list is endless depending on your business.

              I was working with a local bank that we developed a more interesting Kid's Club for through the local churches.
              I encouraged a local jeweler to go by the local salons and invite everyday ladies to participate in his holiday fashion shop.
              Of course free samples work great for food, and so do cooking classes. My favorite tea and coffee house does tastings everyday and holds a ice tea competition.

              I have more, but you get the idea, it is really a matter of changing how you look at things.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                No Cost Marketing Ideas, Great subject

                Back in the last century (like the 1990's) I ran an employment office. Two great Marketing Ideas.
                One. We sponsored a local little league baseball team and lots of children in town were wearing T shirts
                with our business name on their backs.
                The other. We promised to find summer jobs for all college students who registered with us.
                Not only did we get great press (free advertising), we also got the students back when they needed
                full time jobs after graduation.
                Marketing is a great tool to get your business name to people (and yes SCORE can help you FREE).

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                  promo.plan Newbie
                  These are 100% FREE marketing ideas:
                  • Attend networking events
                  • Set up a blog and send an email to your clients/prospects with the link and a short comment every time you post.
                  • Set up an account in social networking sites and be active
                  • Send regular (but not more than once a week) emails to your list with special offers or new products.

                  These cost very little:
                  • Have a weekly coffee meeting with a prospect/client
                  • Call 2 prospects/clients every day
                  • Have small, interesting items imprinted with your logo and hand them out to contacts that interest you at networking events.
                  • Send out 2-3 greeting cards to business contacts each week

                  For more ideas you are welcome to visit my website, and subscribe to our newsletter.

                  Good luck!