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    How to Write A Press Release

    intechspecial Ranger

      Businesses are closing their doors left and right, and with the current state of the economy, it is only going to get worse.

      What do you do in times of struggle, when the average consumer has very little to spend, and more then likely will only spend on well known and established companies?

      How about reaching out to the media for exposure?

      It really is not difficult, and here are just a few pointers to get you started.

      You must realize that when you are contacting the editor of a newpaper or tv station that he has extremely limited time, so why not take the difficult work away from him?

      Prepare your Press Release in the same way you would see it written in the headlines.

      Small Business Opens Its Doors In Spite Of Economy
      Joe's Donuts Offers Free Donuts To Non Profits, Finds Funding to Incorporate.

      You might want to take a take a local newspaper and review articles listed so that you can get a better understanding of how you should focus your efforts and writing structure.

      Next step is to locate all the newspapers and news stations that you would like to send your press release to. This can be easily done via the internet with a search. Find the email address of the editor, and send them an email. This could be monitomous if you have a service or product that could benefit a national or world-wide audience. The great thing about finding the correct contact information is that once you have the email you can create a "group" to send this email to.

      Chances are you do not have anything that is seen as "Newsworthy" BUT and this is a big BUT if I might add, you will reap the rewards of having the complete view of your audience, whether that be local, national or international.

      Do not send your release only once! Once you have the emails, send it several times a wekk, as the squeeky wheel gets the grease!

      Also, if you have any facts to support what you say, make it easier on the editor and quote the source. This way, all he has to do is make one or two phone calls to confirm your story.


      It's all about change, and change is write around the corner, waiting anxiously for us to catch up.


      Mike(inTech "Special")