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    The decline of billboards and other terrestrial marketing?

      I went to see a movie last night, and while I was riding along something caught my attention. Riding past a billboard, the ad on it was in disrepair, and it was for a show back in 2007 that had long passed. Perplexed, I saw another just a few miles down that was in the same state and same story. I thought deeply about this for a while, and it dawned on me: Is the age of the billboard slowly beginning to fade away? I began noticing this a few years back, when a few of these problem billboards and signs appeared around my town. I chalked it up to no one caring enough to put something up, but I remember seeing new ads almost every month when I was a child. I pose the same questions to all of you: Have you seen a steady decline of billboards and signs around your area?