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    What’s a good business website to get free or sales leads?

    Klondover Newbie

      a good business website to get free sales leads or qualified
      ? Linked-In doesn’t seem to be that great unless I’m looking for
      another job. Other websites just charge you for it and I’m sure it should be
      other business websites that offer it for free

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          A good list of qualified leads is a very valuable thing, and a provider who has one is no more likely to give it away than you are to give away your product. The better qualified and more accurate the list of contacts, the more it costs.

          What business are you in and/or what qualifies your potential customer? How do you intend to contact those customers (in person, telephone, direct mail, e-mail)?

          Community members might be able to suggest some free or low cost resources if you can provide more information about the business and sales campaign you have in mind.

          Welcome to the community and best wishes.
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            intechspecial Ranger

            Klondover -

            Welcome to the community!

            Finding a website that offers great sales leads for free is not going to be easy, and if you find one please do post in this community.


            Another way to generate sales leads is to find a market that currently would enhance what you are doing, and you in turn could help them.




            A cleaning company associates themselves with a real estate company, as well as a landloards.

            A sole-proprietorship company that fixes cars out of their garage makes friends with all the parts store managers and owners in the area.

            A business consultant builds relations with non-profits offering them free advice, and in turn is able to develop a legitimate portfolio.


            What is your market? What do you do?

            Please tell us more!


            Mike(inTech "Special")