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    How to inject steroids in your business

    rontowns25 Adventurer
      Have you ever wondered how
      certain individuals were able to accomplish so much?

      · How
      did people like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King transform entire nations
      by triggering civil revolutions that fought against the bonds of inequality?

      · How
      have Olympic athletes pushed themselves to the edge, against all that seems
      humanly possible, en route to taking home the gold?

      · How
      have business people like Thomas Watson started with such modest beginnings and
      built multi-billion dollar corporations like IBM?

      Entrepreneurs and
      professionals all around the world are using a scientifically proven method to
      help manifest their dreams for their business. How are they doing that?

      In every case, it starts in
      the mind, in the form of a vision.

      A vision board is a simple
      and extremely powerful tool that anyone can use to shape an ideal future
      through the power of intention and visualization. First, to create a vision
      board, take a flat surface, like a poster board, paste images on the board that
      represent your goals and desired outcomes. You can collect these images from
      magazines or printed photos from the internet.

      There's more to it than
      just pasting pictures up, however.

      To be successful with a
      vision board, you must understand how to activate the power of your unconscious
      brain to draw towards you everything you truly want.

      The next step is to vividly
      imagine your desired results:
      • Attracting your perfect business partner
      • Achieving professional success
      • Prospering from an acquisition or IPO
      • Building personal and community relationships to give \\ back
      • Staying fit and healthy
      Look at the vision board
      and pretend that you are living in the moment of achieving your goal. Ask yourself, what would achieving this goal
      feel like? What would it look like? Who would be influenced by achieving this
      desired outcome? How many people would benefit from you achieving this goal?

      Is a vision board just fu-fu
      magic or is there real science behind it?

      Scientific research
      centered on the brain in the past 10 years has determined that, no matter a
      person's age, the brain in capable of changing, or "rewiring." The brain can
      change based off the information stimulus coming from the external world. This
      "rewiring" takes place in the non-conscious level of the brain, where 97% of a
      person's thoughts and habits are generated and stored.

      The non-conscious mind can
      also develop and house self limiting beliefs that actually hold a person back
      from achieving more. . Have you ever wondered why certain individuals have not
      taken advantage of certain opportunities that were so obvious and ripe for
      creating success? This is because their wiring was holding them back from

      Through religious study and
      practicing visualizations using a vision board, these desired outcomes become
      engrained in the non-conscious mind. A seed is planted and begins to sprout. As
      30-60 days of daily visualizations using a vision boards, a person's habits
      will be to follow suit of what is required to achieve the goal.

      Whatever it is you desire,
      once you create the vision of your ideal future for you business, you are on
      the path to making it happen.

      A good rerouce I found for help creating and utilzing vision boards is