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    Growth Capital

    ESC2008 Newbie

      I started an electrical service company in May of this year. I began my business with $25 and have only been working at it full-time for 3 months. I've since hired a helper and aquired several repeat customers. I want to prepare for growth by putting another truck and mechanic on the road soon. I have been building corporate credit and have a DUNS number. Can anyone suggest where to find this capital?
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          lfreeman Newbie
          Rapid growth can be as bad as no growth. It is possible that I might have a solution for you. Please send your contact information to me at

          I would like to speak with you.
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            tqcouch Wayfarer
            Hello ESC2008,

            What type of truck are you looking for?


            Tq Couch
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              Fortis Adventurer
              Hello ESC2008,

              HOpe all is well. When you get a moment email me a bit more detail about your business and the type of funds your seeking.


              Fortis Capital
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                NoBullFunding Scout
                Hi ESC and welcome to the forum!

                Have you tried your local bank or credit union for a truck loan? If you buy new, the dealership will probably have some sort of financing options.

                Given that you've been at it for 3 months, and what's going on in the economy, have you considered waiting? Small businesses are dropping like flies, and many because they took on more debt than the business could handle. If your business is going well, it might be a good idea to focus on bringing in customers and building your reputation.

                Just as an FYI, I've always found corporate credit (like a D&B) to not be worth the paper its printed on. Lenders make their decisons on your personal credit, so if you do end up looking for financing, make sure you can explain any derogatory items.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Growth Capital

                  Tell me more. Who are you??, Where are you??
                  How much capital are you looking for?? and for how long?? Where do I mail the check??

                  Do you have a Federal I D Number?? An Accountant??
                  Have you developed a Business and Marketing Plan that I can read??