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    Looking for a web-savvy business partner.  Interested? Scout

      My business is in its infancy, and I know enough about the website design and SEO to know I don't know much! I need a partner who speaks that kind of language. My abilities and interest are on the creative side, so I am looking for someone who can handle creating a user friendly website and knows how to go about driving traffic to it. If you are interested, please email me at It will be a 50/50 deal, since the business really needs both sides (creative and technology) to succeed.
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          intechspecial Ranger

          I am interested in this, but I need to know further details and project specifications before I can even think about engaging you on a business level.

          Thanks, and welcome to the community.


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Looking for a web-savvy business partner, Welcome

            Who are you?? (Jason??), Where are you?? Do you have a Business Name??
            Like intechspecial said, I am also interested BUT need to know more.

            Have you developed a business or marketing plan that I can read??
            You can also email me at and please include your phone number.

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              domesticList Wayfarer
              IIts a coincident that I am also looking for some creative person to work with me on projects and get things done.

              With 8 years of Designing & development experience, we can definerly work together,. Some of the sites I amd working on are
              and some othe Financial websites.

              I have expertise in development, design, SEM, SEO, PM, ECommerce.

              Let me know about yourself and proceed with this...
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                  Domesticlist -

                  My overall idea for the business is fairly straight forward. I wanted it to be a place where people can go and buy cheap, funny shirts. I'm working on designs based on movie quotes and funny takes on regular sayings (some are already up). Many of the leading sites charge (, in the $15 - $20 range, so it's my hope to charge $9.99, of course using this to our advantage. I did a quick test with $5 worth of google adwords, and was able to get plenty of hits at about 23 cents per click. For the time being, I am using a middle man to create the t-shirts, just while I'm testing the concept (I put the site up a week ago, yet to sell anything). If the business turns out to be viable, my plan would be to buy some t-shirt equipment (few hundred dollars) and make them myself to maximize profits. What I'm looking for in a tech partner is someone who can build a nice looking and easily navigatable site, and use their expertise to drive traffic to the site. I'm not even sure if driving traffic to the site can be accomplished without sinking some significant money into the business, perhaps you can explain that side of it to me. I had a web company tell me that in order to build me a website, I'd have to committ to $1000 per month in marketing. So ideally, it would be me, a tech partner, and an artist. We'd all be equal partners, and if it works, maybe we could all make a few bucks. If you are interested, let me know!
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                  discxceo Newbie

                  Hello Jasontees,


                  I checked out your website. Here's what I gathered. Site design is a first impression. You need some work on that. I have a solution for that and it's free with a large community of people thats willing to help. Buy a good logo. Search Google for $25 logo. It will help build your brand. Also, you need to work on SEO efforts. Get your site ready for the search engines. The solution I mentioned earlier, will help with that also.

                  Keep your customers on your site for as much as you can. You're sending them to another website. You lost them. Consumers want most of their qustions answered without leaving your website. The internet is vast so your market is wide. Find your niche, which means to figure out what you do best that will make you better than your competitors. Identify your competition. Research their strengths and exploit their weaknesses by making them your strengths. Study their websites. You will see what makes them great. Don't copy their design or business model. Use what you find to build your own approach to selling t-shirts.

                  Yeah it's only t-shirts but it can be a serious business. And you can be successful at it. Email me and I will send you to the solution and community I was referring to. Just be patient you will succeed. Good luck!

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                    vikassah Wayfarer
                    Hi JasonTees,

                    Please review our services and offerings in internet marketing space at

                    If interested feel free to contact us to take it further.

                    contact at