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    For advanced Google AdWords users only...

      Are you already reasonably successful using Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing for PPC?
      Are you doing it manually now and want to know how to scale it up to more keywords, ads, landing pages, and so forth?
      You're in luck, since you can use pre-written scripts that Google provides. I'll explain here...

      The scripts are merely getting your engineer to grab data or post back
      to the Google/Yahoo/MSN Application Programming Interface.
      In terms of grabbing data, you can get impressions, clicks, cost, position, and so forth by ad and keyword and date.
      In terms of posting back, you set up a set of rules based on CPA, CTR, average position or otherwise,
      which then tells the search engine to make certain bid and keyword changes.

      Google has a lot of documentation on this, so your engineer can use his or her favorite method:
      Note that this is pre-built code that you can easily customize.
      The API access will also allow you to gather data across multiple accounts and aggregate--
      if you have more than a few dozen accounts, doing this manually each day is not feasible.

      For new PPC accounts, there is no substitute for doing it manually and prototyping--
      only once you have learned about the traffic and performance can you begin to scale and write rules.

      If you do need help, we do offer programming services. But you may also want to develop in-house expertise.