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    Utilizing Mobile Immediacy for Marketing

    AntonyR Newbie
      Hey guys, thank you for all the support in the past. I wanted to let you guys know that we have launched the QPons interface.

      Here are what some small business clients are doing right now with Text Advertising. (names withheld)

      Pizza place in the Hamptons. Will send out alerts when the local team wins a game with a free pizza with any purchase

      A Car Wash in TX who sends out free car wash with any inside detail the day after it rains

      A haircut place that sends alerts for discounts and free haircut if you bring in a friend on Friday afternoons for the younger kids to look sharp before the weekend.

      A car Parts store that sends alerts for gas saving tips and offers to redeem at the the store.


      The packages are under $60 a month and if you use the code SBO5H4, you will get 10% off that price. This is only available for members of this board.