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      Hello, Friends

      I would like to know if any of you use or are on Facebook? It would be great to match some faces to names for those that I have talked to during the year. I use Facebook quite a bit now on a daily basis and no longer use Linked In or MySpace. Facebook has defintely helped my jewelry business grow and increased sales. If you are interested, please request to add me as a friend, I go by: Kenneth Fron

      P.S. There are 2 Kenneth Fron's. I am the one who's profile is wearing a dress shirt. Thank you!
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          caffeinated Scout
          Hi designer,

          Good to see you again!! I'm not on Facebook but am toying with the idea. I hear its great to connect and reconect with people. Do people usually have a personal profile and a separate profile for their business? In your case, it makes a lot of sense to have just one for both.

          Are you offering any holiday specials?

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              designer Tracker
              Facebook is really, really unique. Everyone has what they call a "wall", It is public and people can leave you messages on it. (If they are your friend). People can also send a message directly one on onw and then there is also privacy. Everyone has an INFO tab and that is where you share with the public (your friends) what you want to. You are in control if you want to talk about your business and share a link, etc. Some people keep it simple, others are very detailed. The nice part about Facebook is that there is a Status Bar, and you can type in what you are i.e, working on a project, on the way to the airport, taking a sick day, going to be appearing here or there, etc. I have seen some friends keep their Facebook very business-like and professional, I have seen some friends use it to let their hair down and just talk about random things. You can really do so much with Facebook, like join a Fan Club for a TV Show, singer, actor or special interest group.

              As far as Christmas Specials for my jewelry, I have a 365-day offer which is always standing that for anyone that buys 5 necklaces in any period of time, they get a FREE 6th necklace of their choice. My everyday necklace prices in the fancy packaging with a signed designer card, etc. are always between $50 and $150. Very few pieces ever go beyond $200 and $250 was the ultimate maximum for a design. It's a great value for a designer that has been published in magazines and has had jewelry worn on the red carpet and seen on TV.

              Hope to see you on Facebook, soon! I know it is not for everyone, and it took me a while to warm up to it, but it's great networking and in today's day and age, we all need all the help we can get!
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              I use facebook under the name 'Max Darby' - Feel free to add me!
              • 1,000 fans of our Facebook page in just 2 weeks
                We went from zero fans to 1,000 fans in 2 weeks-- the secret was that we ran a few hundred dollars of advertising against highly targeted interests. The target is folks who like Steampunk, a particular kind of art. Thus, check out the Facebook page we made at to see how we did it. You can, too!