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    Looking for advice, email storage

    PeterYoungJr Newbie
      Hi all - I'm new to this forum but I hope someone could give me some good advice.

      We have around 50 e-mail users on an Exchange server and until now our back-up procedures have been.... somewhat limited. But we need to get it more structured and secured. Half of the users are mobile sales reps.

      Before I contact one of our IT partners, could anyone give some insight or advice on what we need to think about when considering e-mail archiving?

      Thank you in advance, //Peter
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          Emails can be rather small, but take into account certain attachments - Will you document those aswell? The overall capacity would vary depending on many variables. We know how many people you have, 50 - now, find out how many emails they send a day, and recieve. How many have attachments? what's the average size? calculate this monthly, then consider how long you will keep emails in an archive for.