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    The classic post on growing your site traffic


      A few of us were at WebmasterWorld in Vegas this past week-- just got back yesterday.
      For the professional webmasters there, too, would love to hear your thoughts.
      Brett Tabke is the founder of WebmasterWorld and the PubCon conference--
      and he's a great guy-- in both knowledge and as a person.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          The classic post on growing your site traffic

          Good to know. Will check it out.

          Thanks, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Thanks for the link. I hope the conference overall was balanced. While interesting, this particular article is skewed much the same as the message that comes from a lot of web development gurus -- with a focus on driving traffic to a website to buy something. The Internet is so much more, and at least from my perspective, too many independent web developers are hurting themselves and limiting their careers because they don't get that.

            While my experience may be skewed as well, over the past three years, I've had some connection to 51 client projects that involved either hiring or contracting for web development work. Only two of those projects involved a URL that is even accessible to the general public. Even for a major retailer that does sell on-line, 90 percent of the content supports something other than the customer shopping experience. It's there to assist managers, educate sales associates, empower merchandise buyers, inform store employees (on everything from today's work schedule to tomorrow's retirement benefits), coordinate vendors, enable administrative processes, facilitate supply chain operations, and handle post-sale questions and support.

            I know small businesses like the ones in this community tend to be traffic-focused, so the article is certainly relevant here -- and appreciated. It just seems that 90 percent of the small web-developer firms are focusing exclusively on that 10 percent of web.

            The point regarding mobile devices was a very good one, and I agree. I hope you'll add more posts relating to that trend as it emerges.
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              intechspecial Ranger
              Although this might be a "classic" post on SEO, it most certainly brings in a "contemporary" feel to today's standards.

              Thanks for the info!
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                  @lighthouse24-- agreed on the focus for traffic. Many of the folks at PubCon (WebmasterWorld) are just on the verge of being able to quit their day jobs to be able to rely on their website(s) to generate income. That's a big step to take, but also one of amazing freedom. It took us years to get to that point and it was scary not seeing a paycheck come direct deposit every week and also knowing that you're on the hook for results, day or night.

                  That said, whether you are an affiliate marketer trying to rank on your knowledge terms or a retailer trying to drive sales, the focus I've seen at conferences (even Ad-Tech NY two weeks ago-- yes, we go to a LOT of conferences), is both traffic and conversion. For people who do internet marketing full-time, it's almost an unhealthy obsession looking at your rankings on certain keywords, overall traffic, and sales. We do a bit of both agency work as well as manage our own sites, so there is perhaps some balance.

                  If you haven't met Brett Tabke at one of the conferences or even online, he is a great guy-- always helpful.