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    SBOC - The Real Leader Board

    intechspecial Ranger
      So out of sure boredom, I ran some numbers on the leader board to see how the board might look if the way things were done was slightly different.

      Here is what I did:
      I took the points for the top 14 contributors and then divided their points by the number of posts, and here is the "Unofficial Leader Board"

      #1 Adducent 6.1058 Average from 1,154 points.
      #2 Fortis 5.731 Average from 1,324 points.
      #3 Bridge 5.6985 Average from 1,550 points.
      #4 SBOC 5.6309 Average from 946 points
      #*5 Designer* 5.4338 Average from 1,776 points.
      #*6 Iwrite* 5.3214 Average from 3,278 points
      #7 amspcs 5.2488 Average from 1,139 points
      #8 puzzle 5.0688 Average from 1,105 points
      #9 DomainDiva 4.6931 Average from 4,769 points
      #10 Lighthouse 4.6820 Average from 9,561 points
      #11 inTechSpecial 4.6394 Average from 5,340 points
      #12 Luckiest 4.1041 Average from 24,550 points.
      #13 natonline 3.2389 Average from 1,979 points.
      #14 CorpCon 2.4606 Average from 2,778 points.
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          intechspecial Ranger

          Obviously this changed things extremely, but I think we should take things into factor if we were to change how scoring was given.

          Some things that would have to be considered:


          Luckiest might be #10 but with a total of 24,550 points this shows pure dedication. A person that has 10 points and an average of 10.0000 per post should not be compared to someone that has 22,000 points. This could be pure luck.


          CorpCon has an average of 2.4 points per post. Should their be a penalty for a low ratio?


          Obviously this would changes things drastically as the current top four leaders would barely be in the top 10 if we were to change the board to accomodate community feedback. Posts are only removed if there is a response from the community that states something is inappropriate, and the unoffical board seems a little more accurate if we placed leaders in order of average feedback the community gives them.


          To many changes means that some of the leaders work would be wiped of the map.

          What is your opinion about this?


          Each post you offer gives you 5 points. If your post is removed you lose points but you keep the same amount of posts. If your answer is marked as correct you get an extra point or two.


          My final analysis: the board is at the very least: moderately accurate, and although competition may heat up, I believe no one will be able to knock off the current leader Luckiest, and it would be a waisted effort to even try.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I honestly don't care. I've never used my name or my businesses' names in any post, so whether Lighthouse24 is listed on the board or not is unimportant to me.

            I do care when people acknowledge that an answer was helpful, and when they say thank you. And it bothers me a little when they don't (especially if I'm offering a response that would have cost them time and money to get otherwise). Although it's rare in this community, I really like it when someone I've helped follows up later with something of value to me. That's how new business relationships develop.

            A couple of months back, someone asked about the business relationships that had developed through this site. As I recall, there was only one response (Diva and Iwrite). With almost 25,000 members, that would be what, one of out a potential 625 million opportunities? Kind of sad, really.

            I understand why the moderators set up a "participation = points" format in the beginning when there was very little content here. (As I recall, when I joined, the Home Based Business forum had only 18 threads -- and two of the Running Your Business forums didn't have any posts at all yet). Now that there's content, I'd like to see the "leader board" changed to match those in other established communities -- a post gets nothing, only helpful and correct answers get points. In other words, the "top contributors" would really be true "contributors" to the community and it's value as a business information and education forum.

            I don't know where I'd be ranked if they went back to the beginning and recalculated all of our past contributions on that basis, but I think it would improve the quality of responses, and reduce some of the garbage.

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                I completely agree with Lighthouse24, as contribution should be measured in helpful response and participation, rather than just mindless chatter. Any one of us can just respond with 'I do concur' and get points. Here's some quick math. 15 posts per page, 428 pages, 5 points per post. ((15*428)*5) = 32,100 points, well above what everyone has now. It would take alot of effort, but bare with me as I'm just making a point. I don't really care what my points are now, since they are skewed by this system. I'm not sore about this, so don't think I'm being harsh on the board and it's ways, I would just like to see more worthwhile conversation going on.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  First, let me start by stating that I don't pay attention to the leader board.

                  That being said, changing how it is determined is not an issue to me. What concerns me is trying to gauge the value of answers. People on this forum are at so many different levels that sometimes the simple answers are of huge help to some and not to others. Then you have individuals who cannot recognize real answers for whatever reasons. I worry that the push is towards a more elitist feel by some. An attitude that only certain people are worthy of answering or being heard.

                  Whatever changes are made, I hope it takes into consideration these types of concerns. I wish there was a system to deal with abusive behavior also. Some people feel like this is their own little kingdom to lord over. I am more concern with that than a leader board because it makes this forum attractive to participate in.
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                      Lighthouse24 Ranger

                      Good point, Iwrite! I hadn't really thought about that, but I participate in a forum for the publishing industry where most of posts/questions come from novices, and therefore most of the points awarded are done so by people who really don't know whether an answer it right or not. It's amazing how many "bad" answers are marked as the "best" answers there. A lot of people who are not really all that knowledgeable (yet apparently seem so to others who are even less knowledgeable) are the "leaders" there. Ah well, what can you do?
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                    intechspecial Ranger

                    Here are some more facts, that might help us to get a clearer view on things.

                    Of of the complaints, I have heard time and time again, and I am sure the SBOC staff has heard as well is complaints about repetitive posters.

                    The great thing about these types of complaints is that numbers do not always support the accusations. People may always lie, and change the way data is construed, but data is based in science and not emotion.

                    The numbers just do not lie.

                    I ran some numbers, and here is what I did:


                    I took the top 14 contributors. I took the number of posts they have offered, and then divided it buy the number of days they have been a part of the community.


                    Here are the results:

                    SBOCteam July 27, 2007 168 posts .35/day .01/hr 1 post every 4 days
                    Puzzleman Oct 11, 2007 218 posts .54/day .02/hr 1 post ever 2 days
                    Amspcs Oct 18, 2007 217 posts .55/day .02/hr 1 post ever 2 days
                    Adducent May 22, 2008 189 posts 1.06/day .04/hr 1 post per day
                    Designer Feb 28, 2008 325 posts 1.24/day .05/hr 1 post per day
                    NatOnline October 10, 2007 611 posts 1.52/day .06/hr 1.5 posts per day
                    Bridge June 3, 2008 272 posts 1.64/day .07/hr 1.5 posts per day
                    iWrite December 29, 2007 616 posts 1.90/day .08/hr 2 posts per day
                    Fortis July 24, 2008 231 posts 2.01/day .08/hr 2 posts per day
                    DomainDiva October 10, 2007 1,162 posts 2.88/day .12/hr 3 posts per day
                    CorpCon November 14, 2007 1,129 posts 3.07/day .13/hr 3 posts per day
                    Intechspecial January 6, 2008 1,163 posts 3.69/day .15/hr 4 posts per day
                    Lighthouse24 October 10, 2007 2.048 posts 5.08/day .21/hr 5 posts per day
                    Luckiest Aug 6, 2007 5,235 posts 11.19/day .47/hr 12 posts per day
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                        intechspecial Ranger

                        So my next question is this.

                        Luckiest, intechspecial, and Lighthouse post more per day then anyone else.


                        Should they be penalized for this?


                        Should the SBOCteam be penalized for their lack of posting per day?


                        The real point of this thread is to ask this question:


                        If a community member is following the rules set in place by the SBOC team, why should they not be allowed to post? Why are others openly allowed to harass them?


                        Just because a member does not like another member, does that give him the right to start a community wide ban on that member?


                        We live in a country that is protected by Freedom of Speach, it is our Constitutional right.

                        If this board is to be exclusive towards certain members or people, why is this board not then private?

                        If I walk into a public restaurant no one has the right to tell me I cannot be there based on the rights set in the constitution.

                        The bottom line is this, for this community to succeed, we must work together as a community, and this means we accept all that would like to join regardless of our differences.

                        The more the community spends efforts in regards to banning and controlling members, the more this community will continue to fail.
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                          Lighthouse24 Ranger

                          Nope numbers don't lie . . . how about running them for just the last 30 days?
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                              intechspecial Ranger
                              I might do this, just to honor your request.

                              I will step away shortly, and see what I can do.

                              I am interested as to why you request I do this?
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                                Iwrite Pioneer

                                If you would, please email me at

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                                  intechspecial Ranger

                                  I did run the numbers for the past month, and suprsingly enough it was not to much different.

                                  Lighthouse had more posts then anyone with the lowest rate.
                                  Iwrite was a distant second but with a bit better rate.
                                  intechspecial was in third but with the best rate of the top three.

                                  To much other data and users made it difficult to get an extremely accurate understanding of the posts.

                                  It is difficult as you would literraly have to go through hundreds of threads and posts to get an understanding of actual figures.


                                  The above is almost a hundred percent accurate, you can check this if you would like.
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                                      DomainDiva Ranger
                                      Unfortunately there is no scoring system for the intrinsic value of a post or an answser. Most of the scoring I have observed in the last week is coming from what I call 'nonsense junk posting to be posting'. So to the scoring numbers I say "It is what it is". When people troll the board and check out the top posters, what will they find? Substance or junk? If I have 3 points and a lot of substance in my responses then I am participating and contributing to the community. If I post silly answers, start threads that complain about the board and rant and rave at other members, then others will certainly have a considerably less favorable opinion of me on the board.

                                      Remember, the internet never forgets. Anything you post can and will be found and may come back to haunt you.
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                                          intechspecial Ranger
                                          This is extemely true, and I understand completey your point of view.

                                          Yes your words are taken to heart, as I trusted your view point.

                                          If I was given the opportunity to explain myself I would, unfortunately this opportunity will not reveal itself.


                                          I am still trying to understand why I am recieving such a backlash.
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                                          NatOnline Tracker
                                          The huge mistake on this board is automated points, this should be given by members to other members if they found the threads or posts interesting.

                                          The competition is not on this board, but on your fields.

                                          I am on this board to help new e-commerce owners, because I know by experience that it is pretty difficult to start a business online without help. As you may know everybody had help by someone one day. Internet has his good side and his dark side, and I wish to help new e-commerce onwers to avoid falling in scams or things that doesn't work. I also like to learn from reputable gurus, kind enough to give time on this board, tips or advises for free,

                                          I believe some of us are here to learn and connect instead of competiting in this board which is silly.
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                                              intechspecial Ranger
                                              I am definitely hear to learn, connect, educate people, and learn from people.

                                              Unfortunatly when I am pointed out as being "incapable" or "lacking in abilities" I will of course defend myself and my credentials.

                                              Michael A. Stratton; MCSA, MCP, MCNPS, A+, Server+
                                              Disabled Volunteer Web Developer
                                              Owner, Integrity Technology Specialists
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                                                  Bridge Navigator
                                                  I have really tried to stay out of this discussion but alas, I cannot keep my keyboard quiet.

                                                  I concur that it would be better to credit points based on user feedback. Right now I believe only the original poster can mark an answer and there is only 1 "right" answer. I may be wrong here.

                                                  I would like to see a point system - perhaps 1 - 3 and a negative 1 to penalize spammers.

                                                  So that intechspecial feels the love, we can also create a seperate ranking board to see who has the most letters after their name - you win Michael!

                                                  When I initially joined, I did not know that people were viewing this as a "competition". I hope people have better things to do!

                                                  I do not think it will ever happen because this is a BofA board but it would be nice if each board topic was given a "moderator" who could help police the board and remove inappropriate posts. The board is so cluttered now it seems to be much less effective.

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                                          intechspecial Ranger
                                          Once again, the numbers are FACT, although peoples opinions will paint a different picture.
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                                              Lighthouse24 Ranger

                                              Ah, why couldn't you just leave it alone? With that last little "goad," some of the grad students (who read, but don't participate here) insisted that I post their tally for the past week:

                                              Intechspecial: 412 posts (including 87 new posts to 26 threads that were already marked as "answered").

                                              Everyone else on the "leader board" added together: 148 posts (nearly a third of which were in a couple of good discussions that Iwrite initiated).
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                                              val_cards Scout
                                              If I sound a little naive please forgive me but What does this mean???