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    Competitive Leader Board

    intechspecial Ranger
      What is everyones view point on the leader board?

      Has the competitive nature of this board affected how you feel about this community?

      Feedback is appreciated.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          I believe the fact that you perceive it to be some kind of "competition" has had a less than beneficial effect.

          At one point, there were upwards of 400 active members who signed on daily to exchange ideas and information. The number of "regulars" has dropped to about a dozen now. In part, it's because there are so many "I need money" or "I have a hot new MLM" (that twenty other people have already ptched here) kinds of posts -- but also because of the way the forums looked on Thursday morning when I logged on: six pages (posts in more than 90 different threads) from Intechspecial, most of which (in my opinion) provided nothing of additional value to the community.

          You don't seem to like that much when someone does it in YOUR threads.
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            Sure, I'd like to be on the leaderboard--- that would be nice. But I'm a long ways off.
            But more important is posting things of quality that enhance my reputation here.
            People can view your posts and tell if you're a moron or someone who has knowledge.