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    Business Debate Forum - Good Idea?

    intechspecial Ranger
      Clearly we all have some innovative ways of doing business.

      These ways of doing business seem to stand against what others believe to be correct.

      Question I have for the community is this: Should their be a Forum specifically for debating business views?

      It seems that on a regular basis, a forum becomes "hijacked" by someone you do not wish to have control over the thread. The thread then looses its focus on its subject, and becomes more like a high school debate practice then an actual productive thread. Would it not be better for the persons in debate to then take the debate to another room or forum?
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          I like the idea, specifically since topics often spiral out of control. I would go as far as to say having a 'downrate' system for bad advice, but people might get a little abusive of said feature. I support the idea for a 'sandbox' forum for everyone to debate and what-have-you.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I don't know, it seems that most of the forum categories and most of the questions that are posted are done so to stimulate discussion and debate.

            For example, of all the new topics posted so far today, only the one about whether or not a corporate division/subsidiary needs a separate EIN really has a "correct" answer (and I'm guessing that SantaFeCPA will provide it). A question like "Is it smart to pay $17K up front to apply for an unsecured line of credit?" has a correct and simple one word answer from MY perspective -- but certainly not from the perspective of someone who is in the business of offering lines of credit for a fee. Plus no one learns anything from my one word answer. They need to know WHY my answer is "No!" (or maybe it's two words, "_____ NO!"), so they can make an informed decision for themselves.

            Things only seem to go off track when a member disagrees with an answer and makes it personal. Otherwise the discussion and debate that evolves is for the benefit of the hundreds of other people who view the thread without comment, and for the potentially thousands of readers who haven't even thought of starting a business or joining this community yet. It's not just about the person who posted the question.

            I have an article I wrote 20 years ago, and a speech I gave nearly 13 years ago that pops up in searches all the time. I think a lot of business owners here forget that should the SBOC fulfill its founding vision, the things that they are firing off in posts now might well be linked to their names for life.
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                intechspecial Ranger
                This is an extremely valid point.

                So when someone gets into an extremely heated debate with someone, if they abide by the rules of this forum, their posts will be kept on the internet as long as this site is up and running.

                Another thing to think about is that Computer Scientists predict that the internet will be doubling in size EVERY DAY, by I believe 2025.

                So today you can easily find this paticular thread.

                In a few years this is doubtful. In 10 years, we will look back on the internet we experience now, and think, "man they really use to write on stone tablets back then".

                They say technology advances immensely in 2 years. This is a FACT, history proves this. If you get a degree in computer science TODAY, 2 years from now alot of the information will be useless or outdated.

                To keep up with technology is a full time educational job, and I paticuraly find it quite facinating.

                It also is of interest to me the general publics view point of today's internet.

                The internet was originally started, as a top-secret government line of communication. It was a way for the US Deparment of Defense to easily and quickly transfer information securely.

                Then their was Microsoft.


                I am completely and totally facinated as well, with the social & economic affect of the internet on individuals and cultures.

                20 years ago, if you passed a note to your buddy about how the guy next to you was stupid, no one really cared. Now everyone cares, because it is "World View".

                20 years from now.........................stone tablets.

                20 years ago, if you gave the local store a five dollar bill, you knew you got what you paid for, and did not worry about someone taking it from you
                20 years from now..........................their will be 100 times more the amount of "secret agents" and their primary duty will be to keep the internet safe from threats of attacks from other countries, that could completely destroy every level of commerce our country has. The threat already exists, it just is not at the same level as the future will find


                My final analysis, Business Debate, Good Idea for Bad Medicine, allows the ability for Good Medicine to take affect.

                The bottom line with any and all of this is that we are just a tiny spec, in an infinte pile of data depreciation, and although our spec is of importance to ourselves, in the global size of things, a drop of water washes us away.

                That's my story and I am sticking to it.
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                  intechspecial Ranger

                  I agree with this to a point, except in regards to the article beying found that was written years ago.

                  The internet is forever growing and changing, and by the year 2025, it will double in size every day.

                  20 years from now they will look back at today's internet, and think, did they really use to write on stone tablets?

                  So unless we all have a life span of less then 10 years, I feel that computer science supports the idea of we are all just specs of dust, in a pile of decompensating data. One drop of water and we are all washed away.

                  A computer science degree you receive today, will be outdated within 4-5 years, unless you continue to learn from technology.


                  I, myself, might give extreme importance to everything I do not this site, but in all actuality I am still insignifigant in the realm of things.


                  So if the founding vision is to be met, it should allow diversity and freedom of speech, encouragement and support on all levels. Yes people need feedback, and yes a good debate is fine, but their comes a point when it develops into what could be construed as a personal or direct attack.

                  It seems to me that newly started businesses need encouragement and support, and not the opposite.

                  Unfortunately for me, I have found mostly discouragement and despise from the core of the leaders in this community.

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                      I agree with you-- it may be that the solution is not about a separate hangout to 'argue', but having stricter moderators in the first place-- to solve the root cause.
                      Isn't this the problem that most forums experience-- they often just degrade into yelling matches between folks? Having strong mods (are they even here) is key,
                      then the community knows the rules up-front and they are enforced strongly, but with a gentle hand.

                      Where are the mods here?
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                          intechspecial Ranger
                          I am not sure where they are or why it continues, but yes this is the problem of every forum.

                          I am coming to the belief that to a degree this forum was purposely set up to encourage this type of behavior, in hopes that the community would police itself.

                          The problem with this is it is like opening a good family business, and then leaving the cash register open and letting volunteers run the business.

                          Of course it would be over run by thugs and criminals in no time.

                          I am not saying that this forum is over run by these kinds of people, I am only stating that a people without an authority who is guided by morals and convictions, is a community bound for failure.
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                          Lighthouse24 Ranger

                          Intechspecial, you wrote: "Unfortunately for me, I have found mostly discouragement and despise from the core of the leaders in this community."


                          I have a problem with that statement. From my perspective, what seems most unfortunate is that you so readily interpret valuable guidance as discouragement and spite. Five of the people whose user names appear on the "leader board" have spent more time trying to guide you than they have any other single member.

                          Yes, new business owners need encouragement and support -- and support often means saying, "That's incorrect and if you keep doing it, you'll have problems -- so do this instead."

                          Tiger Woods didn't get to be a successful golfer by receiving only encouragement. Nobody gets to be a "successful" anything that way. People with knowledge and experience have been telling Tiger almost every day of his life what he was doing wrong and how to do it better. He PAYS people (a lot of money) to do that still. He listens, changes, and improves.
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