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    Let's see if I can make you think!

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      I have been reading and watching this thread for quite a while and it is amazing to me that most of the same names still grace these pages. I am in agreement with intechspecial and wish some of these would get closed so everyone could move on. I guess though that some of the folks here are still searching for the magic bullet, pie in the sky or whatever and haven't started any business and are still searching and dissecting everything.

      Maybe this is one of the problems! The biggest reason most people don't find success is they will never pull the trigger and really do anything. Another thing on here is still some people hawking this $10 program, that $10 program, taking pictures, selling Tupperware, pots & pans, online shopping, travel sites, ebay, amazon, juices, lotions, skin care, potions, cash gifting and on and on and...yadda, yadda, yadda...

      I really do wish all these folks the very best but...WAKE UP EVERYONE!!! There is NO $10 crap program out there that will make you rich, everyone and their brother is an amateur photog, pots and pans are cheap and anyway most people eat out today because they are so busy holding down 2 jobs, 10 gazillion people are doing travel, amazon and ebay. If everyone really cared about their health enough to drink all the potions and health juices then every fast food joint in the country and around the world would close. Give me a break...not everyone cares and most never will!

      Why would you even think of doing something that everyone else is doing? Get out of the mentality that you will never make it, will only make a pittance of $250 a week, $1000 a month, can't afford to do this or that and get FREAKING mad when you see the people that are living the life they want and on their terms, not having to answer to someone else and do what they want when they want to do it. Just keep on doing what you are doing and keep getting the same old crappy results.

      You need to work with a leader and people who will help you get what you want out of life. Most of the stuff flying around the internet today is just pure crap and all people want is your money. If you can't build a relationship with people that are approaching you about business then you had better not do it. This is a relationship building business...period. That is why I won't work with everyone in my business. I can't take bad attitudes, smart alecs, know-it-alls, want to reinvent the wheel or none of that junk.

      If i made anyone really mad then I apologize but you need to wake up, get off this thread and move on with your life. There is something out there that is less that 14 months old, less than 15,000 people involved and there is nothing like it on the planet. Look at a real business with huge potential and something that everyone needs and already use in the MILLIONS! My information is below if you want to go further...if not, then just stay here, keep wishing and wasting your time. Then you can get really mad when you see people living the life that you want to live! Just remember thoug...if you don't take the first step and pull that trigger, then it is no one's fault but your own.


      Don Egnor
      TFF-The Mastermind Group


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          EagleEye Adventurer
          Don... I totally agree. Along the same lines, I am so tired of hearing about how horrible our economy is, etc. When I go out ... I see TONS of "help wanted" signs. People can work a J-O-B while they use their creativity to get their own business going. People need to stop acting spoiled in our society and stop whining.. they need to learn that living on a budget is ok and working to get where you want to go is ok too. ;)