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    Merchant Cash Advance--what to watch out for

    fundingsource Newbie
      Some of the postings mention, how a merchant cash advance sounds too good to be true. In fact, in a lot of cases there are hidden fees, closing costs and strict guidelines that have put a bad taste in the mouth of business owners. The key is to not get in over your head, make sure the company you are dealing with is in it to help you and not to make a quick buck and wreck your business during the process.

      Finding the right lender is half the battle. Everyone needs money, just doing it so it benefits your business not hurt it, is the concern of the majority of my customers.

      These are the industries that merchant cash advance lenders are looking for right now:

      Restaurants, Retail, Auto Repair, Apparel, Salons, Bookstores, Doctor Offices, Computer Repair and Accessories, Florists, Equipment rental, Franchises, Liquor Stores, Lodging, Massage, Medical Technology, Printing, Security Services, Sporting Goods, Dance Studios, Tattoo parlors, Towing, Veterinarian, Video stores, Warehouse/Storage

      if anyone has any other questions about this industry, feel free to email