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    Help How to promote my site

    Neeraj Newbie
      I have recently started my site The site is doing good so far. But I need some help how to get it a better ranking in search engine and also how to increase web traffic. I will be adding more services on this and we are working on that but I need help and suggestions to improve it more and generate more traffic
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          deepoet Adventurer
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            EagleEye Adventurer
            You need to include an "about us" page and a site map. You also need to make sure you have unique content. Your "about us" page needs to include information about what makes you unique from thousands of other "deal" sites out there. Most businesses who want to be taken seriously will include a phone number at minimum and ideally a mailing address and physical address.
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              dollsbags Adventurer

              Let's start by saying that SEO (search engine optimization) is highly complex and more science than you might think. Furthermore, you can spend all types of money on SEO and if you don't keep up with it on a consistent basis, you will slowly lose your ranking over time. So it requires a lot of upkeep.

              That being said, here is some advice:

              1. Get high quality link partners with related content to yours. You can have a hundred mediocre links that will do very little for you.
              2. Ensure your site is optimized and meta tags are correct (title, keywords, descriptions, etc).
              3. Content is still king. Ensure that your site content is accurate and that it contains relevant keywords. The keywords must not be "stuffed" (overused) in the content.
              4. Make sure your site is listed in various directories, such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, etc.
              5. Get involved in various social networking sites, associated forums, bulleting borads, etc.
              6. Creat an accurate site map (both XML and HTML) and submit them appropirately to the various search engines (pinging the search sngine is the fastest way ot get them submitted.
              7. If your site is dynamic (database driven) implement mod-rewrite to create search engine friendly URLS. Most search engines don't like dynamic URLS.
              8. Use press releases, blogs, and wikis.

              It is difficult and time consuming to increase your link popularity but it can be done with persistance.

              Good luck
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                intechspecial Ranger
                There are two simple things you need to understand to promote your website.

                1. Offline Marketing ( Paper, TV, Radio, Business Networking, etc)
                2. Online Marketing (Do a search on Google for White Hat SEO, this will help as a start.)