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    Disabled Web Designer - $6/ hour.

    intechspecial Ranger
      My company offers web design services for free to people in need or for a good cause. I have more then enough free work to keep me going.

      The hopes of offering free web design services is to generate paying clients.

      Unfortunately the competition is cutthroat and I am unable to generate substantial and continuing work on a paying level.

      So here I am placing a call on the wire to all that might be able to use my services for web design, graphic design, or anything else than can be done from home.

      I have plenty of testimonials that will validate I offer professional work on my companies home page and legitmate companies may ask for referrals.

      This is not something I will offer continuing and ongoing, but if this is of interest to you, and you have a need to hire someone for $6/hour, I am your guy.

      Mike Stratton