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    Local market partner needed

    deiman Newbie
      Greetings to everyone,

      We are providers of hand-made traditional products from the Balkan region. Our company is operating with expanding network of certified craftsmen, who produce various decorative and usable items with guaranteed quality, suitable for various retail shops, such as: souvenir shops, gift shops, "House of crafts" shops, boutiques, shops for home interior and many more.

      We offer also a wide range of packages and combinations of products, suitable for restaurants, cafes, bars and others.

      Currently we are looking for partners worldwide, who can connect us with the local wholesalers, shop owners etc... and of course, will earn good commisions for every order.
      This is a good opportunity for a constant cash flow - after you establish contacts with several companies, you can sit back and receive your commission every time some of your contacts make an order.
      We are offering you very good additional income - if you are ready to give it a try, or for more info - we expect you at

      Best regards
      Damian Ivanov
      Burgas, Bulgaria
      Mobile: +359 889919031