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    Knockouts Haircuts for Men VS Too Hotties Haircuts for Men

    jcl610 Newbie
      I really like the concept of both of these franchises and I am currently in discussion with both of them.

      Does anyone out there have any opinions on either one or heard anything? Any advice would be much appreciated !
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              tony76 Newbie
              I am a franchise owner of Knockouts Haircuts for Men in Colorado and did an evaluation of all haircuting franchises before picking Knockouts. There is a very new franchise of Too Hotties in Colorado and already has a less than acceptable article written about them on Merchant Circle which supports my decision to select Knockouts. Knockouts focus is on quality and not quantity or games to draw a clientele. So far so good so I encourage you to continue your investigation into Knockouts.
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              Vince Adventurer
              Hi jcl610 and welcome to the SBOC!

              Mike Handelsman of will be joining the Community for a live Q&A tomorrow (November 13) at 2PM EST. Pose a couple questions to him that you're currently on your mind. The two franchises you referenced are listed on their website so he'd be a great resource.

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                coach1 Newbie
                As a business coach I recently assisted a client obtain a franchise with Knockouts. My client did a very thorough validation of the business and found it to be an outstanding opportunity.
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                  tony76 Newbie
                  One of the items that concerns me about Too Hotties is the game room environment. This to me would lends itself to lots of loitering in a business where waiting room chairs need to be available for newly arriving clientele. Inviting customers to spend time playing pool, video games, etc. tends to speak toward a younger clientele for this business and not the type of establishment most men would want to frequent for quality haircuts. I would also not want the liability responsibility should anything happen as a result of the game room activity.

                  Also, the pushing of merchandise, such as tee shirts, caps, etc. was not very appealing as this would be additional inventory that needs to be purchased, stocked and tracked. The use of a sign that can either read Free Haircuts Now and then be turned off to reflect a different message was just a little to much to accept as something I would want to promote.

                  Knockouts, is also providing a theme reflecting a good sports atmosphere, but is paying attention to customer service and quality haircuts and services instead of games . The business model is also reflecting full services for men which has been a very large overlooked aspect for men in the salon industry. For diversity of what is offered, the focus on customer service and the concept, Knockouts has a much better business model.
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                      JAB4604 Newbie

                      I own a Too Hotties Haircuts franchise. First, the "game room environment" you mention does not cause excessive loitering. Guys have the option of relaxing for a few minutes while waiting for a haircut-that's it. The idea was based on the fact that excessive wait times are one of the top 2 or 3 biggest customer complaints in men's haircut salons. So, offering a few simple but widely enjoyed distractions for the few who actually partake has nothing but an upside. Second, what liability?? Pool tables and XBox's don't typically cause any physical harm, do they? Perhaps you're assuming more about the amenities at Too Hotties than actually exists. Have you visited a Too Hotties in person?


                      RE: the merchandise- This is known as branding, and is one of the most unique aspects of the Too Hotties busines model. Easily 20% of our 1st-time customers walk in because they remembered the (unforgettable) Too Hotties name, and cannot remember, or differentiate the Knockouts name (which is located 2 blocks down the street), has run radio ads, and literally created demand for my shop. Branding matters a lot.

                      The On and Off Haircuts Now sign is pure genius. If there is an empty chair, turn it on and get customers. If it's busy, turn it off. A free customer today, if well-served, becomes a 10-times-a-year customer tommorrow. This is called Marketing.


                      Last, visit a Knockouts, then visit a Too Hotties. There is NO comparison who has the best level of customer service and atmosphere that appeals to most professional, value-conscious men.
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                          tony76 Newbie

                          Being a guy, a quality pool game takes more than a few minutes but, quality haircuts, attention to detail and such does not center around a game room environment, but a play time environment. Take the articles that have been written, the media exposure to compare Too Hotties to Knockouts and then decide which is the better BUSINESS decision. Marketing, great, extra collateral (tee shirts, caps etc), great, glad you want to pay for that as part of your royalty fees. Pool tables and XBox make enough money on their own, do not need them for a true quality mens salon.
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                              BusConsultant Newbie
                              Both the Too Hotties and Knockouts businesses are niche market businesses. As a seller of 8 different hair franchises, you can purchase several other salons for less money and develop quality services within your salon. With that said, the Too Hotties concept like Knockouts is a different type of salon for men looking for something different.

                              The investment in the entertainment in a Too Hotties Salon creates a fun environment that many men and boys would enjoy. There is no additional liability to that. There are some salons that serve free beer, which does add a liability to that business.

                              Products sales such as shampoo, T Shirts, Caps, etc are revenue generators. Name branding of products is also advertising as well for any business. While the hair business is a service business, product sales of all types are a very important part of it as well. Since most retail is marked up over 100%, it is a very positive part of the business. A good salon owner would be looking for a minimum of 20% of their business to include retail sales for 2 reasons. One is making their business a one stop shop for their customers in the hair related industry and the other is advertising throught name brand items (apparel is one).

                              Royalities: If you are concerned about paying royalties in any fashion, then you should not purchase a franchise. To argue that I don't want to sell something or do something because I'll pay more in royalties makes NO business sense whatsoever. Sure, if your total sales increase then you will pay more royalty. You will also make more money!

                              These are just common sense business parameters. If you are looking for the least expensive, basic hair salon to operate, there are several out there with smaller investments. If you are looking for a niche market business, then both of these are good concepts. There are also others out there which are niche market and might be appealing as well.

                              BTW, I have been in both businesses mentioned in this thread and liked them both. The Too Hotties has a few neat deals like Tanning and Shoeshines plus the entertainment side. So if it floats your boat, then I'd say learn more about it!
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                          tony76 Newbie
                          Just an FYI, Too Hotties closed their doors in early December. Which investment and concept do you buy into now?
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                            copper00 Newbie
                            Hi -

                            I am also considering the Knockout franchise as an absentee owner. I am in an area with a very high population of 20yo - 35yo men and women. There is a hair salon on every corner, but none catering specifically to men. How can I realistically calculate the profit potential for such a franchise?