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    Social Media?

    BlitzJordan Newbie
      Do you use Social Media for your business? If so how?

      Social Media is websites like Digg, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogging, or a variety of others.
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          mikanui Wayfarer
          Hey BlitzJordan,

          Yes. There are many that use Social Media sites to promote their business. I wrote a bit on a blog at There are actually a LOT of discussions right now going on regardingusing Social Networking to promote your business. One ofthe nice things about them is it costs as much time as it takes to set up a page and start "networking" to gain new relationships with potentially new clients.

          There's a bit of advice on that one and I invite anyone's input or perspective on what they believe to be beneficial or not.

          I use it to basically gain exposure and create interest in the brands that I work with right now. Later I will set pages for other products or services as we bring them on.

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            MarketSmarter Newbie
            A recent CONE study stated that 93% of Americans believe a company should have a presence through social media and 80% feel they should be able to interact with that company via social media. When done right consumers have a stronger connection with that company and are thus more brand loyal.

            So, yes, you should have a social media strategy. But you should also be able to measure its ROI and ViTrue (I don't work for them) has a social media index which allows you to measure your presence in social media. It is currently in BETA form, but it is an interesting tool.

            Lastly, when developing your social media strategy, make sure you know where your audience wants to be communicated with and how they want to be communicated with. Using online surveys can help you accomplish this.

            That said, I use it for a few reasons. I use the micro-blogging feature on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Plurk to let people know when I update my blog - And I have a Facebook pages for two entities to communicate with customers and prospects about upcoming events, webinars, new products, etc. I would consider all of these ventures successful in their ability to drive traffic to my site and drive my business.

            If you want to discuss your strategy further, I can be contacted at
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              intechspecial Ranger
              With the millions of visitors these websites get every day, or every hour, why would you not want to market your business through these companies?

              This website loves free, and it doesn't get any better then potentially increasing your traffic by the hundreds or thousands, at the cost of a digital video or a blog entry.
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                  intechspecial Ranger
                  Also, the majority of hours spent online are by users in the age range of 14-25, as they have more drive and obsession with it then any other age group.

                  So you might not be offering a service or product that is what this age group is looking for. 5-10 years you might be EXACTLY what they are looking for.

                  Draw interest now, and it will help. Draw the attention and amusement of this age group now and it is guaranteed to help if you are still in business 5 years from now.
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                      @intechspecial (Mike)-- true that the majority of users are high school and college age.
                      However, you can target by age-- for example, advertise on Facebook for folks 30+ or whatever your client base is.
                      Sometimes, actually buying advertising is the most effective means. It doesn't cost but a few dollars to test it.
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                    Good note, One thing to be cautious of is that even though you can get "free" traffic by posting to Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, your wordpress blog, and elsewhere--
                    there is a ROI on your time. Some people I know spend so much time twittering-- if you know what that is-- where they could have spent that time growing their business via other means.
                    Not saying that social media won't work- you have to test it-- we've seen examples of both success and massive waste.