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    Need music for your website?

    deepoet Adventurer
      Never under estimate the power of music for your website.

      Buy royalty free music from

      Royalty free means once you buy that peice of music,

      you own it and you don't have to worry about using other people's music and getting in trouble with copyright laws which can be huge so it's only wise to play it safe.

      Use royalty free music for anything, your website, your shows, events, personal use, etc.

      Here's some of my work

      Hope this was of help to you.

      To your success.

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          deepoet Adventurer
          We all know that music can be a powerful forece for websites. We all know that everyone listens to music every day, whether in an elevator, being put on hold on a phone, radio andTV ads, you name it, music is everywhere. So consider investing to your website with royalty free music for your possible prospects. It could mean the different if they will stay longer to make a decision or whether they will book mark it come back to it later.

          I personally have contributed some music for Vivian Green's last album for the outtro and some back ground music for UPS for there website photo show on one of there pages plus many many more on the way. And Yes please do check back often to my web page I do upload various new music each month.

          To any one who has questions about royalty free music, I took the liberty of explaining to you whatit means in detail:

          Q. Can the sounds available from be used commercially?

          Yes, the vast majority of the sounds and music you find here at can be used for broadcast and all other types of commercial projects. This includes sound effects, loops, effects of all types,
          as well as full-length music tracks. When embedding any tracks in a
          product or production that is for sale or give-away, or for
          presentation for pay or for free in a public or non-residential
          setting, this constitutes commercial use.

          * Soundtrack or effect for motion picture production, trailer, preview, intro, extro
          * Soundtrack or effect for TV show production, trailer, preview, intro, extro
          * TV and radio advertising content or effect (for ad, intro or
          * Soundtrack or effect for radio broadcast p
          * Backing music or effect for an Internet Web site or webcast or other streame
          * Soundtrack or effect for video game, electronic game or computer game (whether \\ distributed online, CD-ROM, DVD or any oth
          * Music-on-hold (for music to play while someone is on-hold on the phone)

          * Soundtrack or effect for software application (online, CD-ROM, DVD or any oth
          * Embedded in a product or toy for backing music or sound effec
          * Embedded in an electron
          * Embedded as a sound effect or sample in original music co
          * Soundtrack or effect for* home video* production

          * Soundtrack or effect for s* tudent film, project film or other short video productio
          * heater production,* competition,* sporting event, classroom settings, educational use
          * Corporate* use in trade show, live performance, presentation, meeting or semina
          * Pre-production (i.e. evaluation mode only
          * Small business professional local use (massage, therapy, dance studio* or similar


          * Download to your computer for personal listening
          * Burning on a CD for personal listening
          * Synchronizing with video for personal use only


          * Download to your phone for personal ringtone or ringback tone use

          AudioSparx receives sounds and music from many different publishers, independent artists and production houses. If you find a sound at this site that is owned by you and you feel that the inclusion of a track in this site
          is an infringement on your copyright to the sound, please advise us and
          we will review the situation immediately and, where appropriate, we'll
          remove the track from the site.
          </sp</font>Always on the move, AudioSparx closes new licensing deals on a daily basis.
          Whether its a track for a new film, tv show or commercial, game, web site,
          corporate meeting or event, radio spot or something else, we get deals done!
          GENERAL TERMS All stock music and sound effects (i.e. the "Track" or "Tracks")
          purchased at come with a limited license for commercial,
          personal or ringtone use. You choose the type of license you desire
          when you add tracks to your shopping cart. Commercial use includes use
          in television production, radio or audio production, commercials, film,
          theatre, multimedia or other media projects (Exceptions or usage
          limitations are listed below *). The Tracks, except as specifically
          noted, can be used in any type of commercial or personal project or
          broadcast, including corporate projects, national and international
          broadcasts, television production, films, products for sale or giveaway
          and large scale media distributions.

          IN SHORT: If you need music for your website or project, feel free to listen to my work and other peoples and enjoy the music as more and more poeple enjoy your new website with fresh music that you can use without problems down the line from using other poeples music without their permission. MARKETING IS KEY, HAVING MORE VISITS IS KEY ALSO, BUT MARKETING WITH THE RIGHT MUSIC CAN MAKE YOUR JOB JUST A BIT EASIER!

          BEST REGARDS

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            intechspecial Ranger


            I love what you are doing and might be able to use you at a higher level as my company continues to grow.

            The problem is I went to your website, and clicked on the link to preview some of your work, and a new window opened up with a "download track" link, and a few buy now buttons.

            This was a turn off and I think you will lose alot of potential clients if they are not able to at least hear some demos without having to work hard to just hear your music or sample of what they will be buying.

            Welcome to the community, and it does look like you are on the right path.


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                deepoet Adventurer
                Thank you for your interest however you are able to preview each and every track at the top of the pop out screen.

                The prices listed are at the middle of the each page and each track is able to be heard in it's from the beginning to end.

                Some compainies pay as much as several hundred to several thousand for commercial tracks, however I have each of mine far lower than that (ranging from $12.00 - $65.00 each).

                For my protection has provided a demo voice over every 12 - 15 seconds.

                When you decide which track you like you can download it and the quality will be much clearer of course without the voice over.

                For any questions please contact me by email: or you can contact