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    PPL - PrePaid Legal

    Dreamers Wayfarer
      I have decided to work with the PPL network. If you are interested check out then email me at or I have my ebook and the PPL and the business my husband and I are working on. I am also a contract mortgage processor currently out of work.
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          intechspecial Ranger

          Dreamers -

          Before I visit the website could you tell me more about PrePaid Legal and what it can do for me.

          The more detail the better.




          Mike(InTech "Special")
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              Dreamers Wayfarer

              with PPL you can either become a member and have legal access at your finger tips. You can have your will drawn up and/or you can have it updated annually. the monthly fee is appx $26 which is apprx $321 annually, one visit to an attorney for a consultation would cost more than the annual fee.

              There is also an Indentity shield offered.

              You can become an Associate and offer the services to others, family and friends and make a commission. In the state of IL I had to apply for an insurance license thru PPL in order to sell the memberships which took about 2 weeks to obtain from the state.

              To be honest with you, I have just started with this. There are meeting/briefings that you can go to in your area for training and also take guests to.

              I am in the learning status so I need to defer you to the webpage. If you have any further questions after, I can arrange a 3 way call to assist in answering any and all questions. I can be reached at