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    LLC in vegas

    kryptonite Wayfarer

      I am new to the community and am in need of some suggestions. I am a current grad with a BA in Marketing and am looking to go in to business for myself. I am going to start up a realestate investment company registered as a LLC in Las Vegas (buy to rent). Since we are in a recession, i want to capitalize on all of the forclosures in our stuggling economy. I have about $300K start up capital and a great credit score. Once i have established a credit history with my LLC, i want to purchase about 10 homes with a down payment of 20% on each. So that would give me assets of over 1 million dollars (10 homes) and $100K left in start up capital. What loan programs are out there for LLC's and would they qualify me for multiple home purchases with $300K in start up capital? Any suggestions would help out greatly. Thanks in advance to everybody that responded