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    Anyone ever think of working with the Federal Government?

    mikanui Wayfarer
      If you haven't considered doing so, let me throw out some quick info.

      In 2007, less than1% of 25 MILLION small businesses were registered to bid on Federal Government contracts.

      the largest customer in the world purchasing EVERYTHING from paper
      clips to rocket launchers, Auditing and consulting services, and spending 430 Billion Dollars in total, 2007
      became a huge opportunity for small businesses to get a share of 83.2
      Billion Dollars in Prime contracts and 64.8 Billion in Subcontracts.
      This is about 23% of funds set aside SPECIFICALLY for Small problem...the government missed that mark by 1%...this
      means there are NOT enough businesses registered to bid these
      contracts! Where was your business in the midst of this? What did you
      miss out on? Why are you not considering getting a piece of that pie?

      If you are not registered to do business with
      the one customer that DOESN'T bounce checks, and may wish to
      get with our company to find out how we have made it a lot easier to
      register, get information on "how to" work with the Federal Government, and get into an arena that you had to watch
      from the outside previously.

      Questions? Get to me here.
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          BishopYenom Newbie
          Re: I'm interested in getting in on the pie but just dont have the first clue on how to get there from where i'm at. Do recommend the steps
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            intechspecial Ranger
            I have thought of working with the Federal Government, and acutally have done a small amount of work both paying and volunteer.

            It seems the Federal Governement is more focused on medium and large businesses and does not have much time to work with a company like mine.

            If the opportunity arised to help on a higher level, I would jump on this opportunity, but to get through all of the bureacratic red tape just to be seen is next to impossible.


            I am sure if my Brother was a Politician locally, I would have a much easier way in.

            Unfortuntaly I do not have a brother.

            I will stick with the private sector, as the federal government just doesn't have the time.
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                mikanui Wayfarer
                I can honestly say that small businesses have a greater advantage over medium to large businesses. Of course there are some contracts that are meant for them, but there is definitely a "set aside" amount of contracts that are ONLY meant for small businesses. If you would allow me to explain it to you, I would be glad to share with you the opportunity that exists for small businesses and how you have a major advantage over medium and large businesses.

                Best Regards,
                Michael H Kaleikini
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                    intechspecial Ranger
                    I do have some experience doing business with the government.

                    That being said, I will need more information about what exactly it is that you do before we go further.


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                        mikanui Wayfarer
                        We are contracted with a registration service for businesses that don't want to have to go through the "headache" of paperwork and process. At this time, we are looking for a limited amount of new clients to work with getting registered frist, then moving on to securing contracts. Either the business can do it themselves or we have a network of consultants that can help with the process.

                        Since you have experience in doign business with the Federal Government, perhas you could offer some insight or experiences that could help us with our clientele.

                        If you have any other questions, youare more than welcome to call me at our office number below.

                        Best Regards,
                        Michael H Kaleikini
                        One Solution, LLC
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                            intechspecial Ranger
                            Obviously, I am by no means an expert, or I would have little trouble getting and keeping contracts.

                            But, my lack of success(or minimal) has allowed me a better understanding.

                            I have a few questions to better understand what it is you do.

                            What industry(or industries) are you focusing your efforts in?

                            What size and type of contracts are you interested in developing for your clients?($0-$25,000, $25,000-$250,000, $250,000-$1,000,000 etc,)

                            What is your connection with the federal, state or local government and can you verify this connection?

                            These questions will better help me to understand your organization, and then I might be able to offer some sound(or not so sound) advice for your clients.


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                                mikanui Wayfarer
                                Thanks for asking those questions Mike, I'm sure there are others that would like to know these things too.

                                First, Regarding what industries we are looking for, it really doesn't matter to us. Reason, there were quite a few holes last year where the Federal Government had to go to larger vendors to get contracts cared for, and a bunch I understand that never got awarded simply because there was a lack of small businesses registered with the Federal Government system.(not to mention not enough money for the big guys) It's actually to a point that grants have been awarded to certain agencies to have a user friendly portal created for businesses to register at a "one stop" website. Unfortunately it won't be up for a while yet, and opportunities are running by. (

                                What we saw when the numbers above came out was an opportunity to build a business around. So, a streamlined process for businesses to utilize so they don't have to deal with the red tape, the paperwork, and the headaches of getting registered was created. We have the data entry capabilities to know what needs to get done in order so it gets done smoothly and quickly as possible. Businesses fill out only one form and we do the rest.

                                Contract size is also dependent on a company's capacity. Contracts with the federal government can be quite interesting. Say you have a small business that does only $500,000 in revenue per year. You would think that a $3 Million Dollar contract would be to much right? However, if it is a one year contract with four one year extension options in it, then it could be a manageable deal for the small business. This would create a guaranteed revenue stream for them, so long as they keep to their part of the contract obligations. If things go well, they stand to gain credibility with the Agency they work for, and have a great reference for future projects. Again, it depends on capacity and capabilities of the business as it pertains to their particular industry.(construction, consulting, audit, IT, etc.)

                                When a business registers through our service( they will be added to our database (One Solution, LLC) and will receive an opportunity profile which has an analysis of what contract opportunities exist at present in their area or according to their registration, or what they should be looking for in the Fed Biz opps site. This will give them the info they need to start looking and decide what they want to go after, and if they need help we have a consultant network that has over 30 years of procurement, proposal writing, and consulting to businesses on bidding contracts with the Federal Government.

                                Lastly, we are not a federal agency, just want to make that one clear real quick. What we are is a private Marketing and Sales Management and consulting firm out of Las Vegas, Nevada. (One Solution, LLC) we have taken on two projects to manage and run for two different clients. is one of them. Through our management services and consulting we have developed a plan to bring this service to the Business Public in a small capacity for now, then once the first run is through we will be increasing the number of clients we take on. We do not do registration with state or local governments as they a too varied from state to state and in some cases county to county to keep up with.

                                I hope this answers your questions, and if this interests you more, why not get to me and I can answer any other questions you may have.
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                                    intechspecial Ranger
                                    Thanks for the information.

                                    Are you able to help in the venue of generating contracts for disabled owned small businesses?

                                    If so, what is your experience with this?
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                                        mikanui Wayfarer
                                        If you mean do we have a network that can help, yes we do. Getting with us to get registered is definitely the first step. You can't project what is doable if you're not in the arena to play.

                                        We are the registration and management service first. Producing or generating proposals or contracts is the next step after getting registered into the Government agencies.

                                        Experience of the network we use, is extensive over 30 years. They vary from proposal to proposal. It will be dependent on how it needs to be marketed to the Federal Government. I'll post a bit of a blog regarding the actual cost of a bid or proposal.

                                        Here's an excerpt from one of our Top Consultants Retired Naval Commander Thomas Watkins, III regarding the cost of a proposal:

                                        How Much Does/Should A Proposal Cost

                                        Submitted by TomWatkins on Tue, 07/15/2008 - 16:39

                                        is a perfectly normal question to as "How much does it REALLY cost to
                                        prepare a proposal?" or a variant on the same question, "How much
                                        should it cost to prepare a proposal?" Just the fact that you are
                                        asking that question means that you have begun to think in terms of the
                                        whole bid and proposal (B&P) efficiency process and are NOT
                                        thinking in terms of let's shotgun out a bunch of proposals and hope
                                        that one hits.

                                        Actually, the answer to this question is complex
                                        and is affected by many variables. It is a little like the question,
                                        how much does it cost to build a house? The answer is affected by the
                                        size, materials, skill of the craftsmen, cost of the lot, and other
                                        things, including how much do you want to win and what is your

                                        Usually, the people asking this question want a
                                        cut-and-dried answer. They want to be told, "a proposal should cost
                                        you X percent of the contract value", or "Y dollars per page" or
                                        something like that. A meaningful answer is more complicated. The
                                        following is an attempt to examine some of the variables affecting
                                        proposal cost and then to provide some measuring yardsticks on what a
                                        proposal should cost.

                                        An even better question than "What does a
                                        proposal cost?" is the question asking, "What does a winning proposal
                                        cost?" The key factor in answering this question depends on what type
                                        of Business Development philosophy an organization is pursuing. At the
                                        two extremes, there are companies who are extremely good at business
                                        development and other companies who are not. The companies who are
                                        good at (invest a lot in) business development do so much work on the
                                        program during the two years before it is even released as a Request
                                        for Proposals (RFP), that they may win 90% of the contracts where they
                                        submit a bid.

                                        Other companies have more of a shotgun
                                        philosophy. They may not invest much in business development. And
                                        sometimes, they may not even be aware of a program they will bid until
                                        they see the Sources Sought announcement or even see the final RFP
                                        being released. It comes as no surprise that the shotgun approach to
                                        proposal selection/writing may produce a result such as 10% winning
                                        proposals or less. It should also come as no surprise that the
                                        proposal cost for the companies using the shotgun approach is on the
                                        order of 10 times higher per won contract than the firms using a
                                        classical business development model.

                                        So in essence, rather than concentrating on the "disadvantaged business" aspect of generating contracts, it is more likely that you will be spending time "marketing" your product or services to the different agencies. (basically business development)

                                        Again, if you have the certifications of being a disabled small business, you have a great advantage when it comes to going after "set-aside" contracts. And the totals above for small businesses run the spectrum of "set-aside" contracts that were awarded in 2007 alone.
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                            allasso10 Newbie

                            What do I need to do, I have a casual and dress shoes store and interested in doing business with the government. My email address is thanks.
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                              EagleEye Adventurer
                              Isn't there a lot of competition for government contracts?
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                                intechspecial Ranger
                                mikinuai -

                                I apologize that I have not had the time to offer to your site.

                                Please do feel free to keep in contact.

                                Once you get to a higher place, I might have some contacts that would interest you.
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                                  val_cards Scout
                                  Yes, I would love to procure some government contracts.

                                  I think there is a Procurement Outreach office in your area that could help you to locate some of these contracts. SCORE may have some insight as to how you can locate them in your area...VAL