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    Starting own Web Design Small Business.

    jesmith Wayfarer
      Hi everybody,

      I am planning to start my own web developing business. First,
      I will be starting off at home and then seeing how it goes and will decide to
      take it to a bigger level. Keeping in mind the present scenario, web designing
      and internet based business are proving to be one of the most profitable
      businesses, but having said that it's important here to deliver the best. I
      just want to get as much information as I can and tips before really getting
      into it. I am planning to start with one or two small projects and then thinking
      of expanding my business when having enough of work and resource. What do you
      people think on that?
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          intechspecial Ranger
          jesmith -

          First of all welcome to the community.

          Now to respond to your question.

          Be prepared for total and complete failure on every level in what you are trying to do. You are coming into an industry where the competition is cutthroat, and only the best of the best even have a chance at minimal success. To be one of the best you have to display the ability to outperform any and all competition. To make matters worse most your competition offers web design services in the range of $10-$25 per hour and is located overseas.

          You are going to have to find a "niche" way of doing business within a "niche" market, and any and all that decide to utilize your services will need to see a phenomanol portfolio displayed beautifully. To make matters worse no one will pay you without a portfolio, yet you will not be able to build a portfolio without paying work.

          Now the upside. If you can hold on long enough to attain the way of doing business that works for you, and can further your skills and abilities in the process, the amount of success you have could be beyond your wildest dreams.

          Be prepared to hunker down and fail on every level, but if you and your ship can harbor the storm long enough and your ship does not have an "achilles hill" in its design, you will stand steady among the elite warships of the world.

          It would probably be easier and more productive to develop a full and complete business plan for doing business and to bounce any and all ideas off of someone at SCORE or the SBA. Your business has a higher chance of success if you can find funding and have the approval in what your doing through either of these organizations. At the same time failure at this level will be much more catastrophic as the banks and funders will not care about failure or success they only care about getting their money.

          You can do this on your own, but it will be a longer and tougher battle. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you get started:

          What relevant skills do you have in web development?
          How hard are you willing to work on these skills to better them?
          What type of software will you be using, and how will you find funding for this software?
          Do you have any kind of education or training within Information Technology?
          If not, how and when will you get training?
          Are you prepared for failure on every level?
          How will you deal with this failure?

          My company is currently still on the downside of this process.
          I would be happy to answer any more questions, and wish you the best in your new business venture.


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            leviss Wayfarer
            Starting a web design business from home is not a bad idea; it's easy to do some small projects on own and then after having a market position, you look out to expand. Web designers are in demand as maximum of business owners are attracted towards internet. It's an excellent opportunity to capitalize on this. I came across a good information package called web design business startup kit. It will teach you how to start a web design business, How to build a profitable web design business and run it from home or an outside facility, finding clients offline and online and tips and ideas for promotion.