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    Overcome the Economy

    Cashfreedom Adventurer
      I helped 12 people do it last week. All of them had their first lead within ONE day of getting started! My advertising system for this program is unbelievable and is working for everyone that joins. And BTW, it is ALL FREE ADVERTISING!

      You can continue to let the economy continue take a toll on you


      Turn your life around instantly

      This is the way to go!
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          Interesting program, though i'd like more information on it. Is it an outsourced call handling service?
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              Cashfreedom Adventurer

              It is a cash leveraging program that has been in existance for over 6 years. This is a proven way to get money in this economy. I have had nothing but success with this program and my sign ups can say the same. I have put together an advertising manual that I give my sign ups so they can advertsie the EXACT same places I do. Basically, we duplicate each other. All these places are free advertising. Its amazing how simple, yet effective this program is.

              If you would like more info, fill out the info on my site and I will call you ASAP. Your info isn't shared with any one. It just goes straight to my e-mail so I can contact you.
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                  Cashfreedom Adventurer
                  Site is currently under construction for a week. If interested, call me.
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                      INHAWAII Wayfarer
                      What exactly do you do? We are always taught that you can not get "something" for "nothing." So what do you do in layman's terms?
                      Why isn't the truth explained up front? Why does it seem like enticement? Can you explain this?
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                          Cashfreedom Adventurer

                          My updated site will contain a TON more info - details, proof, and how it works.

                          In short answer your question, you are correct. You cannot get something for nothing, especially nowadays on the net. It is a cash leveraging program. Many people have opinions on this type of program, but the fact is that it is legal and works when joining the right team. Many other cash leveraging program members are considered fraud members because their sign ups do not make any money after they send theres, therefore believing cash leveraging is a scam and fraud. True in some cases, but not all.

                          Our team has been in existance for over 4 years and all our members have been successful. We give our sign ups an adversiting manual so that they can duplicate everything we do. It works for us and works for them. Best of all, we only do FREE advertising. Basically, all the members are a team that work together and help each other out. We advertise in the same places and all have success doing it.

                          There are different levels to join at. I recommend all my sign ups to join at the lowest level, $500 so you are breaking even after your first personal sign up.

                          Hope this helps. My site will have all the info needed, as well as my other programs that I am a part of.
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                              Cashfreedom Adventurer
                              New Site is Up and Running.

                              I Provide ALL the informaiton about the program that most programs hide. This program is done the right way and has put together an amazing team of successful individuals.

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                                  NoBullFunding Scout

                                  I looked up cash gifting and found a watchdog site (


                                  So how do cash gifting programs work?

                                  Most cash gifting programs have "systems" requiring membership fees to cover their operational costs, which include promotion. Anyone joining one of these programs will receive money, but only from the people he or she persuades to join later.


                                  You can't enroll in a cash gifting program without agreeing to give a specific amount of cash to someone else. For your enrollment and monthly membership fees, you'll receive a private member number which tracks the amounts of the gifts you give and receive. The most sophisticated cash gifting programs will supply documents detailing their members' cash transfers. The biggest cash gifting programs teach their members a marketing system for attracting new members, without whom the entire system would collapse. _This is the Ponzi aspect of cash gifting schemes._</strong<br />Bottom Line:* People only make money by recruiting others to make them money. There is no merchandise or service performed. This IS a ponzi scheme.

                                  Pictures of $100 bills fanned out on a table is usually a good sign that someone is preying on our desire for "easy" money. (This website has numerous pics)
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                                      Cashfreedom Adventurer

                                      I'm not sure you read through my whole site, just the front page. Cash Gifting is a hot topic nowadays and there are so many opinions about it, some good and some bad.

                                      Cash gifting has been around since the
                                      invention of currency and, in the past 7 years, has exploded as an
                                      activity that is bettering the lives of those involved in the program
                                      both financially and in their quality of life.

                                      I agree with you NOFULLFUNDING, some people have
                                      formed the opinion that the cash gifting activity to be a ponzi scheme
                                      or a pyramid scheme and that such a program preys on the naïve and the
                                      poor and that in order to make money someone has to lose.

                                      It is
                                      possible that there have been individuals or groups in the past that
                                      have created a cash gifting scheme or two and quite possibly have been
                                      shut down (_Women Helping Women_ is one example), but not what we have in place today. The 1-up cash gifting
                                      pay plan is far from a ponzi or pyramid scheme in that everyone has the
                                      same chance at success as everyone else, where the ponzi or pyramid
                                      scheme only caters to the person at the top which is also illegal.

                                      Cash Gifting Programs today have tracking software that makes everything cheat proof and that
                                      also allows tracking of each of your team member's activity. This, of
                                      course, is quite the opposite of what Charles Ponzi, the scheme's
                                      namesake, was doing back in the 1920's. He promised a high return from
                                      an investment which turned out to be bogus and got about 40,000 people
                                      to invest $15 million altogether and only paid out to 1/3 of them.
                                      Nobody at that time had the ability to monitor the activity that was
                                      taking place until the government stepped in and ran their own
                                      investigations. But by then, it was too late. The damage was done.

                                      those that call cash gifting illegal or refer to it as a ponzi or
                                      pyramid scheme may be referring to an MLM and pyramid gifting. Yes that
                                      is illegal and always will be caught in due time. A simple phone call
                                      to your local attorney general will confirm this. However, the 1-up
                                      cash gifting pay plan allows everyone involved equal opportunity to for
                                      success and does not support the "fat cat at the top" type design.

                                      simply doing a little research you will see people who are applying
                                      themselves and reaping the rewards of this system which is not what you
                                      will find with anything ponzi.

                                      Hope this helps...
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                                          NoBullFunding Scout
                                          Interesting talking points. I get the feeling that you cut and paste that when someone challenges the validity of your pitch.

                                          These schemes show up every few years with a different name, claiming to be something different. If you you are recruiting people to the program, and you are taking their money with no good or service in return, then they go out are trying to bring in recruits of their own who will give them money, that is a ponzi scheme.

                                          The big problem with your "business" model is that it's unsustainable. If I convince 10 people to give me $100, and each of those 10 finds 10 "recruits" to give them $100, eventually it will reach a point when there will be no more people to be recruited, thus leaving the last line of people to buy in for $100 with nothing. I understand that you are claiming that people come and ackowledge that they are not "owed" anything, but that is semantics that attempts to circumvent laws in place to make these things illegal.
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                                              Cashfreedom Adventurer
                                              I pasted that off a word document I have on my computer because I've had to use it before and knew I would run into it again...

                                              You can claim alot of things to be a ponzi with the point you made (not saying its wrong).

                                              Let me pick a topic... I will argue that our Monetary System is a sophisticated Ponzi Scheme by the way it is run.

                                              Let me explain...

                                              Fractional Reserve Banking (debt based money) requires that interest be paid on the money that was created at the same moment a loan is created. With the continued interest payments, there is always less money available in circulation than there are debts. Paying the interest and debt must then require continuos, additional and larger loans from banks. The result is an exponentially increasing system which must collapse when the imbalances between currency and debt becomes too large with the corresponding transfer of the ownership of real assets to the owners of the debt - private banks. Through the creation of debt free money, real assets are effectively removed by the private banks and then sold to those with the money to buy the foreclosed assets.

                                              This effect of debted money can also create a cycle in the broader economy as debt money is created and eventually destroyed when an inflated price explodes, resulting in a collapse in prices and allowing the banks to foreclse on distressed assets and recycle these assests inot the market at lower prices.

                                              There are many other things you can argue about this type of subject.

                                              The program I'm in has been in existance for over 6 years and is still more effective then most new gifting programs. There have been TONS of new cash gifting programs since and will continue to be more because the concept works. If it were illegal, the government would have stepped in by now and stopped these sort of programs.

                                              And its not a "business". There is no company involved, just individuals in charge of our own gifts.

                                              I'm not trying to stir things up here. I've dealt with many questions from people like you before. That is why I put EVERYTHING about cash gifting on my site for peolple to look at. I have 5 different tab topics, including a FAQ that I have dealt with when using this program.
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                                                  NoBullFunding Scout

                                                  If any likes this program, I've got a beautiful bridge for sale. Slightly used, but very sturdy.
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                                                      Cashfreedom Adventurer
                                                      I'll take it!

                                                      This is not like other programs. The others are designed for "show" to get anybody to join. THESE are designed to fail. They have ADMIN FEES which makes them a pyramid. In this program, we do not recruit and there is no "fat cat" on the top. We invite people to take a look at the program with their inviter(me or others who have joined) and deside on their own whether it is something they want to pursue.

                                                      I just uploaded a youtube channel with just a couple members on my team that share their success.

                                                      I am not trying to sell this program. We do not recruit nor do we need a certain amount of members. We have helped many people put a simple concept into become financially free just by inviting others to do the same. The least you can do is go to the site and listen to the WHOLE 2 minute audio.

                                                      I'm here to help
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                                  intechspecial Ranger
                                  Very good CashFreedom!

                                  Thanks for the info and I will have to check out your website.