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    The best way to make $$$ with your digital camera.

    deepoet Adventurer
      The Photo Wealth System is a powerful, invaluable system that explains to you how you can make money with your camera and provides contacts with websites, phone numbers, contact information and more so you can start making money from day one or week one. You don't have to be experienced, in fact most of these companies look for amateur photographers.

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          intechspecial Ranger
          I would love to make money as an amatuer photographer.

          Unfortunately, I do not have a good enough camera to take high quality photos.

          Any suggestions?
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            deepoet Adventurer
            Thank you for your replies. Yes this is a fun and easy business to make money part-time or full-time.

            As we all should know, you are in control of your life. Working for someone else is not fun becasue they don't want you to adavnce over them to take their position. At the age of 16 I knew this but I had no idea how to get things rolling. Now at 35 I'm making my dreams a reality. I have other businesses such as:


            and both of them are my passion. I love to help others become aware about how to improve you health 100% and I love making music. There was a time I did this for free for years while I was in training and I loved it still. That's the key to being successful in your business. If you love what you do, you're in thr right busienss, if not find your heart's desire and get busy doing that.

            I like taking pctures too, but it's even better getting paid for them.

            THE PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM is all you need to make money with your digital camera.
            Go to the website and read the testimonies and order yours today and start making more money next week.


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            Just a reminder.

            To your success

            Find your PASSION and never let it go

            Never quit what you love to do

            Never give up on your dreams.........that's important

            And remember..........It's only work when you're not enjoying it week after week.
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              EagleEye Adventurer
              I have thought about doing real estate photography in the past. Have any of you done that?
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                  intechspecial Ranger
                  I personally have not tried this as an avenue for income.

                  I would love the opportunity to learn professional photography.

                  The downside is that it would take a small bank loan to even begin the process.
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                    deepoet Adventurer
                    To answer your question no I personally haven't yet, however there is a big market for that. THE PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM gives you insider information on where to go for that and more. Did you know that you can take pictures as a property inspector? A car inspector/ boats, etc. THE PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM doesn't just give you ideas, it equips you with solutions and information, web information, contacts, phone numbers, emails, saving you hundreds of hours searching for all of this on the web so you can start making money the same week you get started all for $17.00! When I first seen a website like that offering this much information, it was much higher. I'm sure you'll find THE PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM useful for years to come.

                    I hoope this answers your question

                    Best Regards


                    Never give up on your dreams
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                    borrowedtime Adventurer
                    I checked out your website, I'd like to know more about this opportunity. I live in Fla. is there any need for Water, Boats, Disney, Space Coast,or When the shuttle goes into space. Im close to all that. Is this for real, and really work. I have to find something fast to make money. I am tryin to get my travel business off the ground and make money, when that happens I can take as many complimentary vacations and cruises I want. This sounds like I could incorporate the 2 together, and come out ahead. Let me know your thoughts first. At this stage I have to get something happening asap. I just want to make sure this really works. PS Thanks also for your info on where to get more traffic to your website. I will be checking them out also. Thanks
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                        Matthew Wayfarer
                        Here is some free info on the subject for those who are interested.


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                          deepoet Adventurer
                          Sure is. THE PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM equips you with all you need to know t get started making money.
                          I'll share with you just a bit of the contents you'll have access to and what you'll learn and how much you can earn etc.
                          Exclusive Insider Secrets
                          What Should You Shoot?
                          What Can I Legally Sell?
                          What Kinds of Images Do Stock Photo Sites Buy?
                          Selling Your Images
                          How Much Money Can I Make as a Photographer?

                          Some Companys need pictures for: Flood damage inspections, Drive-by inspections of leased properties, Home foreclosure and improvement, Construction funding and progress reports, just to name a few.

                          THE PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM also gives you contacts of companys waiting for your pictuces, contacts included physical address, phone numbers, emails, web addresses and more.

                          The Right Forms that you can use for your work with big companys, small companys, etc.
                          To get right to the point when you have the PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM you are no longer uninformed.
                          It will empower you to make money soon. One testimony you can read on the website he made money from the very first day.

                          I tell people all the time. It's not a scam. Amateurs of photography make money each week and some everyday and make out well earning $100 -$200 a day. The problem is you have to know the who, what, when , whaere, why, how and THE PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM tells you all of that and more. I use this system myself. It gets people in doors they never knew existed or thought about trying.

                          I encourage you to try the PHOTO WEALTH SYSTEM

                          I hope I have answered your question

                          BEST REGARDS



                          I LOVE THE MOVIE "STAR WARS" AND I LOVE WHAT YODA SAYS "TRY NOT, DO, OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY". I remind myself of that every day!
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                          koz4change Adventurer
                          Start your own website to sell photos and photography sesions. Focus on a certain target market and capture certain segments as far as what types of photos you will be selling. To start a website, check out and look at some of the marketing tools to help you expand your business. Good luck!